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  • Berlin in bloom: Where to find beautiful cherry blossoms


Berlin in bloom: Where to find beautiful cherry blossoms

Berlin looks pretty in pink. These are the best spots to see the cherry blossoms in bloom.

Berliners enjoy a sunny day surrounded by cherry blossom. Photo: Imago/Mangold

Nothing says spring quite like cherry blossom, and luckily there’s no shortage of them in Berlin – you just need to know where to look. Here are the best places to experience those fleeting but wonderful white and pink petals, from quiet little streets to wide open parks.


Cherry trees in bloom in front of a graffiti-covered wall. Photo: tipBerlin

In the same place where the Berlin wall once divided Wedding and Prenzlauer Berg, strips of cherry trees now bloom delicate petals that sway peacefully in the spring breeze. Flanking the Bornholmer Brücke – the first border crossing point that opened on November 9 1989 – this spot lets you immerse yourself both in the transience of the season and the enduring remnants of Berlin’s rich history.

The Alt-Treptow side of Dreiländereck

People sit in a shady spot by the water. Photo: Lisa Levkic

At the place where Treptow, Kreuzberg and Neukölln meet, white blossom overlook the glittering canal. Use them for shade as you sit on the bank, or hop on a boat and watch the beautiful branches wave in the wind as you float by. 


People enjoy a day at Lilienthalpark surrounded by dozens of cherry trees. Photo: Imago/Mangold

Though its name brings lilies to mind, springtime brings a different kind of blossom to this park in Lichterfelde. Go for a stroll in Lilienthalpark to see thousands of pink petals pop against the bright blue sky.  


Cherry trees with white blossom flanking Lottumstrasse. Photo: Garrido

Post-Wende, it was a hub for squatters – now it’s popular with people passing through to see the cherry trees. Watch this quiet street near Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz come to life this spring in a whirlwind of white blossom. 


A cherry tree overlooks a small pond in Viktoriapark. Photo: Kattner

In Viktoriapark, spring speckles the vast green slopes of the Kreuzberg with yellow, white and pink. Bring a picnic blanket and watch sunlight filter through the cherry blossom on one of Berlin’s few hills.


Cherry trees in bloom by the S-Bahn tracks. Photo: Imago/A. Friedrichs

Next time you’re riding the S-Bahn through Wollankstrasse, look outside and watch a blur of bubblegum-pink petals wash by through the window. For a more substantive spring fix, hop off and head over to the impressive old trees and sculptures at the nearby Bürgerpark Pankow.


Pedestrians pass by cherry trees on Sonnenburgerstrasse. Photo: tipBerlin

Even on gloomy days, cherry trees cheer up commuters on Sonnenburgerstrasse with their life and colour. Located right around the corner from Mauerpark, this is the perfect street for a stroll to get into the spring spirit.

Zeiss Planetarium

Cherry tree branches in full bloom in front of the Zeiss Planetarium. Photo: Lisa Levkic

The vast greenery surrounding the Zeiss Planetarium has always been a sorely underrated park, but spring highlights just what a shame it is that it’s so often overlooked. After you see stars light up the solar system inside, step out to watch cherry trees bloom just as bright down here on Earth.


Fluffy pink petals bloom in front of a residential building on Bergmannstrasse. Photo: Kattner

The cherry trees in full bloom complete the picturesque tableau of tenements, cafes and cobblestone on the corner of Bergmannstrasse and Mehringdamm. While you’re waiting in line for a kebap, you can pass the time by watching pink petals flutter in the breeze. 


Cherry trees blossom in front of a row of colourful houses in Britz. Photo: Imago/Jürgen Held

Built by one of the masters of ‘new building’ in Berlin, Britz is one of the city’s most famous large residential areas – and a great place to see cherry blossom in bloom against a colourful backdrop of quaint houses. 


A girl rides a horse among the cherry blossom in TV-Asahi-Allee. Photo: Imago/Manngold

Nestled between Berlin and Brandenburg, TV-Asahi-Allee is home to a rosy array of blossom. The eponymous Japanese TV channel gifted the trees here to the city to celebrate its reunification. Now, pedestrians – and sometimes equestrians – often take springtime strolls here to marvel at the pretty swaths of pink flanking their path. 


Oberbaumbrücke in bloom. Photo: Imago/Jürgen Held

The Oberbaumbrücke, one of Berlin’s most well-known landmarks, makes for an especially scenic view in spring. Come see this important connection between Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain come to life with candy-coloured blossom. 

Gärten der Welt

The Korean-inspired garden at Gärten der Welt. Photo: Imago/Christian Behring/Popeye

Take a tour of Gärten der Welt to admire the iconic cherry trees as they were meant to be experienced: among a backdrop of running water and beautiful East-Asian architecture. Those who want to know more about the significance of cherry blossom in Korean, Chinese and Japanese culture can also attend Gärten der Welt’s annual cherry blossom festival!

  • Gärten der Welt Eisenacher Str. 99, Marzahn, details; Cherry blossom festival details.

Ruppiner Strasse

Bright pink blossom on Ruppiner Strasse. Photo: Baumgardt

With trees just outside the Serbian-orthodox church, you can enjoy both cherry blossom and churchbells on Wedding’s Ruppiner Strasse. But for those who lean green rather than pink, Mauerpark is also just a short walk away.


Berliners sit in the shade of a cherry tree in Monbijoupark. Photo: Balzereit

What it lacks in size, it makes up for in scenery: Monbijoupark boasts beautiful pink and white blossom. Relax in the shade underneath them or get your blood pumping with some table tennis, basketball or some of the park’s workout equipment.

This article was adapted from German by Seraina Birdsey