The Spreeufer für alle design competition presents a round up of ingenious engineers and their prospective designs for Spree-side living. Part of our EXPERIMENTDAYS package.

Image for Spree-visions If Berlin is such a smart, creative place, why do we keep getting stuck with such dumb buildings? Maybe because our city’s fathers keep handing the best of Berlin’s real estate to outsiders with no sense of the city. The results – from Alexa to O2 World – are monuments to mediocrity that would look as much at home in Dallas or Dubai. It’s time to put our future in the hands of Berlin’s own visionaries – and here’s the proof. This month, two exhibits showcase home-grown, people-friendly designs for the banks of the Spree River – alternatives to the planned showbiz office park known as Mediaspree. The Spreeufer für alle design competition collects dozens of visionary schemes at the Markthalle IX, while at the DAZ (German Architecture Center), Technische Universität students propose smart interventions to transform the Spree into a magnet for Berliners of all ages. Here are the plans at a glance: