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Spreewald in winter: Fun and relaxation!

Spreewald is magical in winter with its saunas, boat trips and traditional parades.

Europe, Germany, Brandenburg, Spreewald. Photo: © www.spreewald.de/ Malte Jäger

The Spreewald biosphere reserve, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage, is only an hour away from Berlin. In winter, Spreewald shows itself in its most original form. At no other time of the year guests can experience the breathtaking natural landscape so intensely. Nature goes to sleep, recovering for a new start next spring. Everything seems to be in slow motion. The air is clear and frosty. Life seems to take a step back. Dress warmly and come with us on a little journey…

On the water in winter

As long as the temperatures do not fall below freezing for several days, the river can be easily navigated by boat. Snuggled up in warm blankets, the winter boat trips with hot drinks and/or small fireplaces on the tables offer completely new insights. Spreewald offers boat trips with a fireplace, mulled wine boat trips, boat trips where the banks are lighted in different colours. Or listen to the stories of the locals on so called night watchman boat trips or the legendary boat trips where you learn everything about the Spreewald myths. Paddling is also wonderful in winter – with the right equipment a whole new experience. More information here.

Winter wellness 

Europe, Germany, Brandenburg, Spreewald. Photo: © www.spreewald.de/ Malte Jäger

Hay sauna, aroma bath in a cucumber barrel and linseed oil massage – sauna and spa fans will get excited in the Spreewald. Whether in the award-winning Spreewald sauna village in the Lübbenauer Spreewelten, in the hot springs of the Spreewald Therme in Burg or combined with a bit of tropical flair in the SPA area of ​​Tropical Islands – the choice is yours. Quite apart from the many smaller wellness oases, which also treat their guests with great attention to detail and surprising Spreewald influences. More information here.

Spreewald customs and traditions

Most of the Sorbian traditions and customs can only be experienced during the cold season. From the traditional costume parade to the Baumkuchen manufactory to the traditional feather tying – January and February are long-awaited months for the Spreewald and their guests. The fascinating Sorbian/Wendish tradition is reflected in many living customs – from clothing to language. Get to know the Spreewald winter in its modern-traditional naturalness and immerse yourself in the fabulous world of local customs.

Europe, Germany, Brandenburg, Spreewald. Photo: © www.spreewald.de/ Malte Jäger

One of the Spreewald customs is zampering. Moving from house to house, with noise, music and masquerades, the carnival (zapust) is about driving away winter and its evil demons and spirits. As a thank you, the villagers give eggs and bacon, which are then eaten together in a convivial atmosphere. The Zapus parade usually takes place a week later. Couples – the men in black suits with hats and colored ribbons, the women in the well-known traditional costumes with thick, warming cuffs – parade through the village dancing and singing.

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