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Potsdam – A journey through Europe

Potsdam´s charming architecture is full of European influences, from Russian fairytale homes to English stately mansions.

Potsdam invites you on a journey through Europe: the oranges in Sanssouci Park make you dream of Italy, the red coloured bricks of the Dutch Quarter remind you of Amsterdam. And the next moment you find yourself in the fairytale-like Russian Colony Alexandrovka. 

Russian Colony Alexandrowka. Photo: (c) Nadine Redlich

Whether by bike, hiking or on water – Brandenburg’s state capital at the gates of Berlin impresses with a well-developed network of paths that include idyllic views of the picturesque cultural and Havel landscape. 

Roman Baths. Photo: (c) PMSG SPSG André Stiebitz

By strolling through the city, you can easily cross Europe in a short amount of time. It is the aspirations of the rulers, but also the friendships and political connections of the Hohenzollern dynasty that have shaped the city’s architecture. 

Dutch Quarter. Photo: (c) PMSG André Stiebitz

If you walk through the neo-Gothic Gate Nauener Tor, within ten minutes you will find yourself in the Russian Colony Alexandrovka with its beautiful Alexander Nevsky Memorial Church. It was built by King Frederick William III. to commemorate his friend Tsar Alexander I. The Russian-style wooden houses became a home to Russian singers and their families who stayed at the Prussian court and used to be a present from the Czar after finishing the war. 

Matrosenstation Kongsnæs at Lake Jungfernsee. Photo: (c) PMSG Nadine Redlich

To reach the next destination of the tour, you have to climb a few metres of altitude. Yet the hike is worth it. From the towers of the palace Belvedere Pfingstberg you are rewarded with the most beautiful view of Potsdam. With the palace, King Frederick William IV realised his dream of Italy within Prussia. La dolce vita – that’s the feeling you get here.

Cecilienhof Country House. Photo: (c) PMSG SPSG André Stiebitz

Visiting Potsdam is like travelling through Europe!

Find more information here: https://www.potsdam-tourism.com/en/how-to-explore/suggested-itineraries/discovery-tours