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Resolution: Clean up your flat

January's now over and you still haven't started working on your resolutions? If one of them had to do with getting that art off the shelves and onto the wall, Frameworks Berlin has has got you covered.

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Photo by Viktor Richardsson

Old family prints, black-and-white photo booth strips, original work by your many Berlin artist friends: how much of this is scattered around your WG, curling at the edges or collecting dust? Make this the year you finally show those visual heirlooms some love, with a visit to Frameworks Berlin. This six-month-old Kreuzberg shop offers custom framing services and readymades, all hand-worked from repurposed – dare we say “upcycled” – wood.

Founder and Brooklyn expat Claire D’Orsay, who dubs herself “that crazy girl who will pick up wood, if you call her”, sources her supplies from all over the city: cast-off old doors, antique tables, demolished allotment garden huts… The result, besides a shop that smells delightfully of pine, is frames that are totally unique and earth-conscious to boot, the only danger being that they might upstage the art they’re meant to showcase.

If you’re not quite ready for a custom job (€100-200), take a baby step into this sartorial adult quest with the shop’s best-seller, a rectangular frame built specifically for that four-picture Fotoautomat strip you’ve probably got tacked to your wall right now (€25-27).