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Radioactive Berlin: Rosenthaler Platz has uranium tiles?

As if the U8 wasn’t intense enough, now we’ve got to worry about radioactive walls?

Reds and Pinks

The Institute for Sexual Science: Berlin’s forgotten centre for trans activism

Today only a small plaque along the Spree commemorates the villa where Magnus Hirschfeld carried out the […]

90 years on

Conspiracy? The Reichstag Fire of February 27, 1933

February 27 marks the 90 year anniversary of the Reichstag Fire, the event which paved the way […]


How a part-time MBA could unlock your career in Berlin

Berlin is a city that is full of opportunities, especially when it comes to […]


Berlin flat quest: The retro flat-hunting video game

Choose a character, send out emails and try to find accommodation in an overcrowded city. Berlin Flat […]


Hilary Allison on cartoons, technology and German humour

Cartoonist Hilary Allison shares her thoughts on technology-inspired gags, translating German humour and always having her own, […]


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