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Stucco in the past: The history of Berlin’s façades

The story behind Berlin's façades is as intricate as their stucco designs.


Stop the train: The U-Bahn characters who make you want to bail

It's not just the U8, all of Berlin's U-Bahn provides a host of quirky characters. These are […]

Sci-fi city

Beam me up, Berlin: The city’s most futuristic buildings

Like something straight out of a sci-fi flick, Berlin's futuristic buildings are at the architectural cutting edge.


How a part-time MBA could unlock your career in Berlin

Berlin is a city that is full of opportunities, especially when it comes to […]

Public transport

BVG ferries: Berlin public transport by water

Yeah, buoy! It's everything you need to know about Berlin and Brandenburgs' BVG ferries.


The oldest buildings in Mitte: Architecture from before 1850

Even in Mitte in the centre of Berlin, you can find buildings that date as far back […]


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