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Berlin heists: A recent history of bank robberies, break-ins and shoot outs

Berlin is creative in all things: art, music, theatre... and robbery. This is a history of some […]

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Bonne nuit! The best night trains from Berlin

Ditch the cramped airplane and get comfortable in a night train for your next getaway. Here are […]


Expressionist Architecture: Where Berlin Looks Like Gotham City

Elegant lines, intricate brick work and gothic splendour characterise Berlin's iconic expressionist architecture.


How a part-time MBA could unlock your career in Berlin

Berlin is a city that is full of opportunities, especially when it comes to […]


12 masterpieces of Berlin architecture to visit on Open Monument Day

Get a peak into Berlin's most interesting buildings and architectural marvels on Open Monument Day event.


What’s up with those pink metal pipes?

It's one of the first questions of any Berlin newcomer. Pink, a bit rusty, and zigzagging their […]


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