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  • Just Opened: Eierhäuschen at Spreepark Art Space


Just Opened: Eierhäuschen at Spreepark Art Space

Exterior view of the Eierhäuschen (Spreepark Art Space) from the Spree. Photo: Frank Sperling © Spreepark Art Space

On March 23, the Eierhäuschen opened its doors and became the heart of Spreepark Art Space, a new, Berlin-based interdisciplinary platform for the production of art intertwined with planning, research, and mediation. The freshly renovated 19th-century building, will house a residency program and showcase exhibitions on urban landscape, nature, architecture, and public space. All projects emerging here take as a reference point its iconic location site, the former GDR amusement park, as well as its unique history and conceivable future. The inaugural exhibition Park Insights will survey the artistic research of Marcus Maeder, Sabine Scho, Sissel Tolaas, and Annett Zinsmeister within the Spreepark.

The opening weekend, on March 23-24, featured a program that challenged all senses: a taste performance by Edible Alchemy, a multispecies sound performance by Marcus Maeder or a poetic concert by Sabine Scho, as well as guided tours through the exhibition. Find out more about Spreepark Art Space

Eierhäuschen / Spreepark
Kiehnwerder Allee 2, 12437 Berlin