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  • New skin in the game: Omen Tattoo opens in Kreuzberg

New Tattoo Studio

New skin in the game: Omen Tattoo opens in Kreuzberg

On Skalitzer Straße, tattoo studio Omen opened its doors in May. Run by an engineer and an entrepreneur, the studio does things a little differently. 

Photo: Omen

Have you been getting signs that you should get a tattoo? Look no further than Omen, which just set up shop on Kreuzberger’s Skalitzer Straße, right next to Görlitzer park. Cousins Sebastian Bogler and Erik Meidel are tattoo enthusiasts whose new studio venture has a clear comfort-centric vision. 

The space itself has definite spa vibes.

With backgrounds in business and engineering, Bogler and Meidel handle the business side of things, which gives their artists – Omen counts six resident tattooists from five countries, all representing different styles – the time and headspace to let their creative juices flow.

Photo: Omen

Bogler and Meidel are also big on customer care. They make sure that everyone’s happy with their designs, eat a Snickers before they pass out, and get to watch Netflix when they’re booked in for a particularly painful seven-hour back session. 

All this might explain the maybe slightly euphemistic strapline ‘symbiosis of body and art’. The space itself has definite spa vibes. Rock music blasting from a stereo and walls covered in stencils and flash art? Not at Omen.

Photo: Omen

Here, a little buddha in the window, lush green plants, warm lighting and lo-fi sounds playing in the background create a thoroughly relaxing atmosphere. The concept also translates to how the owners select their artists. “We don’t want any rockstar behaviour here,” says Bogler. Meaning: artists with a god complex need not apply. 

As of now, the brick-clad space is dominated by the familiar buzzing of needles, but soon enough, the sound of chatter and clinking wine glasses will be heard here as well. Bogler and Meidel are planning on hosting events and art exhibitions soon, with the aim of providing a platform for Berlin’s underappreciated artists.

Photo: Omen

It all sounds like a very wholesome endeavour, and it is, but don’t be fooled – the symbiosis of body and art still hurts like a bitch. 

  • Omen Tattoo & Galerie, Skalitzer Str. 51, Kreuzberg. For appointments, visit omentattoo.de and follow @omenberlin on Instagram.