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Mohammed Hanif at the ILB

Pakistani writer and journalist Mohammed Hanif presents his novel Our Lady of Alice Bhatti at 19:30 on Sep 13 and discusses the future of Karachi with a panel at 17:00 on Sep 16 (free event).

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Photo by Catherina Hess

After a 12-year stint in the UK with the BBC working as the head of the Urdu Service, the Pakistani writer and journalist returned to Karachi. Known for his witty style in books such as Our Lady of Alice Bhatti, which follows a chaotic love story between an ex-con nurse and a bodybuilder, Hanif will present this novel at 19:30 on Sep 13 and discuss Karachi at the “City of The Future” panel at 17:00 on Sep 16 (free event).

Three-word alliterative self-description: Loser, liberal, lazy.

Why write: Because I am not very good at running this universe or growing potatoes or making wine.

When/where: When the baby sleeps, which means not very often. Anywhere but my writing desk.

Writing aids: Coffee. Cigarettes. An obscure radio station playing.

Defining literary moment: Being told by a friend who read my book both in English and German that the German translation was much better. 

Back-up plan: Becoming a dictator in a small but strategically located country.

What you’d like to be remembered for: For occasionally making nice bread.

Shoe size: 41.5.