Maison DFH

Berliners have an uncomfortable relationship with curtains. Haven't you noticed?

Berliners have an uncomfortable relationship with curtains. Haven’t you noticed? In most Berlin households nothing but a flimsy gossamer square the size of a tea towel protects the bedroom from the glare of the outside world. Do Germans believe that it’s healthy to wake up to the glare of sunlight on your parched face? Are they exhibitionists?

This phenomenon may soon be history, thanks to Dorothee Fouan-Huber’s dogged mission: Curtains belong in a sophisticated home, the same as racy furniture and a nice floor. Well-dressed windows not only guarantee a good night’s sleep but will upgrade your apartment. In short, when it comes to interior design, Maison DFH is a Kollwitzplatz-dweller’s wet dream. In her elegant Rykestraße showroom, Fouan-Huber has thousands of beautiful fabrics by well-known French designers, with which she makes made-to-measure floor to-ceiling curtains. Proper, beautifully cut, the-room-gets-dark-when-you-close-them curtains. Pretty Toile de Jouy silks are popular amongst her clients, who come from all over Germany for her interior design services.

The Parisienne also sells a range of French homeware, from beautiful linens to Provencal lavender soaps and room oils by Durance en Provence.