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  • Kuboraum: 10 years of avant-garde eyewear from Berlin


Kuboraum: 10 years of avant-garde eyewear from Berlin

How exciting can glasses really be? Meet Kuboraum, Berlin’s top destination for "Eye Couture".

Photo: Kuboraum

Arguably, no two people are as passionate about sunglasses as Livio Graziottin and Sergio Eusebi, the founders of avant-garde eyewear label Kuboraum. The duo give us a sneak peek into their creative minds and the concept behind Kuboraum.

Image: Kuboraum

Kuboraum has always been very close to art and music. You treat the glasses or “masks”, as you call them, or as works of art. What was your initial idea?

We started with the concept of a mask, born from the deep desire for a protective yet accentuating object to put on the face, something that allows us to play with our multiple identities. Rather than thinking of glasses as devices that help us to see or protect our eyes from the sun, we thought of glasses as devices to be. The “mask” is a solution to the anxiety that all of us have regarding self-representation.

Glasses are the frame of all our moods; our idea of glasses is constantly developing. At Kuboraum, we never get stuck with any trend, place or aesthetic – we are dynamic, always developing, and our work develops with us. We think that with Kuboraum’s evolution and our designs, we’ve always offered an alternative: plural versus singular; inclusion versus exclusion; a lot of sarcasm versus taking ourselves too seriously, which we believe is fundamental in everyone’s day-to-day life.

You opened Kuboraum in Berlin. Why here?

Image: Kuboraum

The answer is: why not? Berlin has been our place to be for about 16 years now. In art and music, Berlin is an island in the north of Europe where people enjoy living out their differences. Only through recognising these differences between each other can we begin to understand ourselves. Berlin is a place inhabited by conscious people, who do not aim to eliminate differences, but to rejoice and enjoy them.

Is Berlin still the place to be?

We don’t know if there’s any place to be right now. If you speak to the younger generation now, their answer will probably be that the place to be is somewhere in the metaverse, but we believe we should stand against this idea of humanity and encourage the reconstruction of the values of social life: that’s why Berlin is still the place, because Berlin still encourages these values through its strong and radical music and art culture. People should come together to exchange and to learn, to live individuality in communion with others while getting to know ourselves through our relationships with the others.

Image: Kuboraum

What are you planning next?

This year, we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary, ‘10 Years of Travelling’, the journey that began in Berlin in 2012. A continuous and transcendent journey beyond the boundaries of the body in reaction to stagnant and immobile cultures. Our conviction is that only only curatorial research – which isn’t limited to the presentation of content, but at the service of the higher purpose of triggering movement – can stimulate this journey in each of us. Gathered by these shared values, we will collaborate with Terraforma in a series of co-curated events, including one in Venice during the opening of the 59th Art Biennale and one in Milan at Casa Flash Art in the splendid HQ of Palazzo Durini.

On both occasions, we will show a selection of our Eye Couture Masks that will tell the story of the genesis and evolution of our brand through unique pieces with a very precious craftsmanship and showcase live performances of multidisciplinary cutting-edge artists. Last but not least, we will inaugurate the Kuboraum & Innerraum flagship store in Milan a few steps from its centre, in via Bigli.

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