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Konrad Werner: The NPD Muppet Show

It's not been a great week to be extremely right-wing. But then no week is good in the confused world of the NPD.

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Photo by JeffChristiansen (no real name given; Flickr CC)

People sometimes wonder why there is no popular far-right party in Germany (like there is the Netherlands or France) which appeals to the educated middle classes. Certainly Pro Deutschland is trying to be that, but the one that people know is still the NPD, and no member of the bourgeoisie would be seen dead voting for them.

Of course, there could be an explanation in that Sarrazin is in the SPD, and the CDU has the CSU, so between them the mainstream parties can cover the racism needs of most people in the mid-to-high income bracket. But actually it’s much simpler than that. The NPD is possibly the most inept bunch of Muppets that ever found the right side of a political party application form.

According to a report in Der Spiegel, they released a statement this week not distancing themselves from the Norwegian massacre – as every European right-wing party has, shuffling around awkwardly, pretending they weren’t on Breivik’s mailing list – but accusing Germany’s mainstream parties of trying to use the massacre to get them banned. “The politicians of the Federal Republic are trying to use the attacks of the eco-farmer in Norway for their purposes.”

The NPD also made a comparison between Breivik’s attacks and the plot to kill Hitler. “The political class of the FRG recently celebrated the bomb attack of July 20 as a legitimate method of politics. Innocent people were killed then, too,” the statement said.

I suppose we should be thankful that the NPD is such a Muppet show.

But then, for a more balanced moral relativism, one can always seek out Morrissey’s opinion.

Also, since Christians have got such a bad name this week – here’s a nice one.