Know your taxi rights

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Know Your Taxi Rights

Taxi drivers are not expected to know each and every side street in Berlin. As a rule of thumb they should know the larger intersections and highly frequented streets. If they’re lost, hand ‘em a map!

Short distance rides (Kurzstrecken) are only valid if you hail a moving cab. They cost €4 and run two kilometres. Make sure to announce the Kurzstrecke before the taxi starts moving.

You are entitled to a receipt at the end of your cab journey. Aside from tax claims, receipts are also helpful in case you leave something behind in a taxi or if you have a complaint about your driver.

Up to four people can ride on one fare, each additional person costs €1.50 extra.

Smoking in taxis is banned for both drivers and guests.

Passengers can call the shots when it comes to the volume and station of the radio.

Need a cab?

  • Taxi-Ruf Würfelfunk, Tel 0800-CABCALL (0800 2222 255)
  • Quality Taxi, Tel 0800 2630 000
  • Funk Taxi Berlin, Tel 030 261 026
  • Taxifunk Berlin, Tel 030 443 322