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Discard Your Inhibitions: Intimacy Cards

A game to play with friends, lovers and family: Intimacy Cards are designed to help you open up and embrace vulnerability

Photo: Intimacy Card Promo

Pick a card, any card! You got it? Okay great, now I want you to think of a time you felt truly happy. Alright, alright, there’s no magic trick here – but these cards might magically bring you closer to the person you’re playing with.

Founded and illustrated by artist and self-described “connector” Sharlene Durfey François and co-written by life coach Conor Creighton, the Intimacy Cards deck comprises 66 cards divided into three categories of intimacy – emotional, physical, energetic – that are designed to help you “open up, get close, embrace vulnerability and play”.

If your mind just went to unspeakable places, we’ll cut you some slack, because Berlin has left an indelible mark on us all. But let us stress here that “play” is not to be understood in a sexual sense. Shockingly, it actually refers to a childlike way of interacting with each other, innocent and playful.

Sharlene Durfey Francois: The creator, illustrator and co-writer of the Intimacy Cards. Photo: Lily Cummings

For example, one of the physical intimacy cards could ask you and your partner to come up with a fun handshake to do whenever you feel disconnected. The emotional cards might prompt you to think about what your “user manual” would look like, while the energetic cards could instruct you to give your partner an “energy bath” or shower them with compliments for good vibes.

Founder François stresses that this isn’t just a game for the romantically involved, so if you play your (or, in fact, these) cards right, you might create new connections not just with your partner but also with your friends and family.