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IDAHOBIT 2022: The most important events in Berlin

The international day against homophobia, biphobia, intersexism and transphobia is back. Here's what's happening in Berlin.

IDAHOBIT 2022 takes place on May 17. The AHA (allgemeine homosexuelle arbeitsgemeinschaft) and LSVD (Lesben und Schwulverband Deutschland) have both announced campaigns and events in Berlin. 

Want to know what’s happening and where? Here’s everything you need to know about IDAHOBIT 2022 in Berlin.

Various speakers will take to the stage at the IDAHOBIT 2022 rally at Wittenbergplatz. Photo: Imago/Martin Müller

The History of IDAHOBIT – and why it’s so important

On May 17, 1990, the WHO removed homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses. Until the 1990s, queer relationships between men were punishable offences under German law. Although homosexuality was decriminalised in East Germany in 1968 and in West Germany in 1969, the legislation was not discarded completely until 1994.

IDAHOBIT began in 2005 to champion diversity and fight of all forms of queerphobia. This year, the protests will take place against the backdrop of war in Ukraine. 

The Zeichen setzen (Make a mark) campaign by the Grundgesetz für alle (Basic rights for all) alliance.  

To mark IDAHOBIT 2022, the initiative Grundgesetz für alle (Basic rights for all) plans to protest in front of the Bundestag. The group calls for the protection of sexual and gender identity to be codified in Article 3 of German Basic Law. The group has already collected over 80,000 signatures in the last year.

For this year’s International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism and Transphobia, a giant inflatable rainbow carrier pigeon and 10,000 postcards will be handed over to the leaders of the parliamentary groups in the German Bundestag and the Queer Representative of the German government. Each card symbolises 1,000 votes for the petition.

  • Meet in front of the Reichstag, Mitte, 17.05, 10h

IDAHOBIT rally at Wittenbergplatz

The rally at Wittenbergplatz will feature speeches by representatives from federal and state politics as well as representatives from the  Bündnis Gegen Homophobie (Alliance Against Homophobia). Speakers include the Federal Government Commissioner for the Acceptance of Sexual and Gender Diversity and the State Secretary for Diversity and Anti-Discrimination.

  • Wittenbergplatz, Schöneberg, 17.5, 15h

Human rights and democracy in eastern Europe – Online discussion 

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom has organised an online discussion for the International Day Against homo-, bi-, inter- and transphobia. Topics include the current situation of the LGBTI community in Russia and Montenegro.

  • Online, Wed, 18.5, 19-20.30, Register here for free.


The AHA has an entire week of protests, rallies and activities planned. 

The first event will be the FAQ panel on Monday, with the topic ‘(Aspiring) Parents ask Parents‘. Four queer parents from very different families will answer questions.

Due to current events in Ukraine, the program continues on Wednesday with ‘LGBTIQ+ people in Ukraine: How can we support them?‘. There’ll be a panel discussion followed by a drag show, and activists as well as artists will speak live on stage or be broadcast from Ukraine.

On Thursday, expect readings from two community-positive manifestos and a subsequent evening of discussion on the topic of ‘Consensus Culture and Queerfulness‘, before the panel discussion ‘You want to change something?‘ on Friday. The theme will be the implementation of discrimination-sensitive language in corporate and organisational contexts.

Things will also be colourful at the AHA-Berlin Show for Diversity on Saturday. Mother Donna Dreamatic Davis and three of her daughters, as well as artists and friends are expected to rock the stage. On Sunday, the Queer Empowerment Film Programme will provide a relaxed cinematic end to the week, including free popcorn.

  • AHA-Berlin e.V., Monumentenstraße 13, Schöneberg, website

Original article by Dorothea Klein for tipBerlin.