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  • Time to hit the ice! 12 places to go ice skating in Berlin

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Time to hit the ice! 12 places to go ice skating in Berlin

Get your skates on and glide like a champion on one of Berlin's ice-rinks. These are our best picks for ice-skating in the city.

Photo: Strandbad Grünau 

Whether you’re a graceful gazelle or more of an awkward Bambi on the ice, there’s a place for you at one of Berlin’s many ice skating rinks. Most places offer skate rental (and even lessons for the extra wobbly-legged), so there’s truly something for everybody. Some spots on our list are indoor, open all year round and decidedly more sporty, while others are pop up just for the Christmas season, make for a great addition to an afternoon at the Weihnachtsmarkt and are totally novice-friendly. So whatever your preference or experience level, you’ll be able to find the perfect place for a spin on the ice.

Winter Wonderland at Potsdamer Platz

Photo: IMAGO / agefotostock

Winter Wonderland on Potsdamer Platz is home to more than just Europe’s longest toboggan run (yes, really!). Slap bang in the middle of the city, you can enjoy this massive open-air ice skating rink.

  • Winter Wonderland, Potsdamer Platz, Mitte, details.

Sportforum Hohenschönhausen Speed Skating Rink

Photo: IMAGO / Pro Shots

Boasting a grand, brightly lit ceiling decorated with the flags of the world, the Hohenschönhausen Sports Forum ice rink is a true cathedral of skating. In DDR times it was the training centre for top athletes and future Olympic medallists. The rink is mostly reserved for professionals, but it’s open to the public on Sundays. And if you’re in the mood for a bit of a light show, there’s an ice-skating disco every second and fourth Friday of the month from 9pm to 11pm.

  • Eisschnelllaufhalle im Sportforum, Berlin Konrad-Wolf-Str. 39, Hohenschönhausen, details.

Charlottenburg Ice Rink

Photo: Kelli McClintock / Unsplash

Located in Berlin’s second biggest sports venue, the Charlottenburg Ice Rink is a solid choice for a day of skating. With skate rental and lockers available, everything’s taken care of. And once you’ve worked up a nice appetite, you can grab a currywurst and cup of mulled wine at the concession stand.

  • Eissporthalle Charlottenburg, Glockenturmstr. 14, Westend, details.

Strandbad Grünau Ice Rink

Photo: Strandbad Grünau 

The Strandbad Grünau hosts a regular ice skating disco and perfectly kitschy themed evenings from Thursday to Saturdays. You can also try the full winter experience, as this venue offers a 25-metre toboggan run and market stalls.

  • Eisbahn im Strandbad Grünau, Sportpromenade 9, Grünau, details

Rübezahl ice rink at Müggelsee

Photo: Vasilios Muselimis / Unsplash

Although a little out of the way, the Rübezahl Ice Rink at Müggelsee is still definitely worth a visit. Its indoor rink is rarely crowded, so you’ll have plenty of room for all the triple axles you desire, but also enough space to fall down a few dozen times if need be. Finish up your day on the ice at the venue’s bistro, which overlooks the lake.

  • Eisbahn Rübezahl am Müggelsee, Müggelheimer Damm 143, Köpenick, details.

Lankwitz Ice Rink

Photo: @eisbahnlankwitz

Certainly the most family-friendly option on our list, the Lankwitz Ice Rink even offers ice skating classes for the little ones. You can also try out curling and get down on the ice at their all ages-friendly skating disco every Saturday night. The restaurant has a full Christmas menu, complete with goose, red cabbage and, you guessed it, mulled wine.

  • Eisbahn Lankwitz, Leonorenstr. 37, Steglitz, details.

Neptune Fountain Ice Rink

Photo: IMAGO / Hohlfeld

The 600-square-metre ice rink at the Neptune Fountain in Mitte is the centrepiece of the surrounding Christmas market. Here you can glide around the fountain and enjoy all the festive must-haves like mulled wine, gingerbread and bratwurst stands. But expect crowds of tourists, as this rink is located in a sight-seeing hotspot (nearby the TV Tower, Rotes Rathaus and St. Mary’s Church).

  • Eisbahn am Neptunbrunnen, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 8, Mitte, details.

Erika Heß Wedding Ice Stadium Wedding

Photo: Imago/photothek

Named after the former mayor of Wedding, this rink offers a large open-air skating area and ice hockey rink that’s open to the public. With the help of Christmas music and twinkling lights, the stadium is transformed into a winter wonderland.

  • Erika-Heß-Eisstadion Wedding, Müllerstr. 185, Wedding, details.

Horst Dohm Ice Stadium Wilmersdorf

 Imago/Sven Lambert

If you value your personal space on the ice, Horst Dohm Ice Stadium Wilmersdorf may be your best bet, as it’s by far the largest ice skating facility in Berlin. With a newly-installed sound system and kiosk serving hot chocolate and fast food classics, this rink has it all.

  • Horst-Dohm-Eisstadion Wilmersdorf, Fritz-Wildung-Str. 9, Wilmersdorf, details.

Friedrichshagen Ice Rink

Photo: Seebad Friedrichshagen

If you’re a cautious skater, then the Friedrichshagen Ice Rink is probably for you. Here you can rent helmets and knee pads along with your skates. Finish off your day with something from the cafe’s vegetarian and vegan menu and if you get too chilly, cosy up in the fireplace room.

  • Eisstrand Friedrichshagen, Müggelseedamm 216, Friedrichshagen, details.

Ice rink at the Zenner Inn

Photo: Marcel Strauß / Unsplash

The Zenner Inn is really pulling out all the stops this winter. Their outdoor skating area along the Spree is decorated for Christmas, complete with fireplaces, cosy corners and lots of fairy lights. As well as skating, you can also try out curling and even ice hockey. A live DJ is what sets the Zenner Inn’s skate disco apart from the rest. Christmas stalls offer a wide range of seasonal treats such as Brandenburg venison goulash, cheese spaetzle and Belgian waffles with various toppings. Homemade mulled wine and hot chocolate will of course be available too.

  • Eislaufbahn am Gasthaus Zenner, Alt-Treptow 15, Treptow, details.

Zehlendorfer Christmas Market Ice Rink

Photo: Bezirksamt Steglitz-Zehlendorf von Berlin

Visitors to this cosy Christmas market can skate on the 360 square metre ice rink under the colourfully lit trees of the Dorfaue. For a small snack in between, there are Christmas stalls with the usual classics like bratwurst, mulled wine and roasted almonds.

  • Eisbahn am Zehlendorfer Weihnachtsmarkt, Kirchstr. 1, Zehlendorf details