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  • Happy birthday Haus Schwarzenberg!


Happy birthday Haus Schwarzenberg!

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, Haus Schwarzenberg puts on a program of art, music and parties to celebrate. John Brendan gives you a Haus tour.

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Photo by Janina Gallert

Haus Schwarzenberg celebrates its 15th anniversary with a program of events designed to reflect the history and imagine the future of this once revolutionary Mitte institution. From October 15 through October 30 artists, DJs, local legends and, in keeping with the outsider tradition of the Haus, the Berlin public descend on the compound.

Blickwechsel, the art exhibition opening the festival at Neurotitan, Haus Schwarzengerg’s in-house urban art gallery, presents multiple artists’ perspectives of the importance of the Haus’ open-space culture (October 15-October 30).

Eschschloraque, the artist club in the second courtyard, has invited a wide array of live musical acts and DJs, including Glamour to Kill (October 16), DJ Hito (October 22) and steel-cello impresario Bob Rutman (October 24), flooding the ears with divergent sounds.

The Haus’ oldest tenant, the art house cinema Kino Central, takes part in the festivities with a film series paying homage to the collective spirit nurtured by Haus Schwarzenberg. Berlin Mitte in Film (October 14-October 27) explores the urban transformation and development policies of the area surrounding the Haus. Check out the Kino Central preview here.

The conversation continues with Experimentdays 10, open dialogues about cultivating independent art and cultural organizations in the modern city. Bucharest’s LABOMBA Studios joins with the organization that runs the Haus, Verein Schwarzenberg, to share experiences and passions for extending the ideal of open creative communities even further (October 29).

Haus Schwarzenberg was established 15 years ago, in hopes of cultivating the collective social environment necessary to foster unfettered creativity. The vision of an avant-garde awakening embracing the present and future continues to thrive. It hopes that some of their version of utopia lives, but the celebration is on.