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  • As Seen At: Görlitzer Dog Park


As Seen At: Görlitzer Dog Park

We stopped by the Kreuzberg puppy playground to catch the neighbourhood hounds for some weekend tail-wagging.

Photos by Makar Artemev

“Her name means cinnamon in Italian.” Cannella (Dutch shepherd mix, 75, from Italy).

Lotti (Jack Russell Dachshund mix, 6 or 7, from Hungary).

“She’s been everywhere. We take her on vacation with us, she’s been to almost every country in Europe.” Luna (Bernese mountain dog/Lab mix, 11, from Treptow).

Panini (Windhunde Lab mix, 8 months, from Sicily).

“I saw a photo of her and fell in love. I was like okay, that’s my dog.”  Rala (Husky mix, 6, from Romania).

“She’s an accidental adoption. It was a complete ‘foster fail’ and I couldn’t be happier.” Jackie (Mix, 4, from Ukraine).

“She has separation anxiety. She comes with me to work, to parties, to everything.” Tilda (Mix, 2, from Hungary).

“She’s sassy, friendly with people, not as interested in dogs. When we walk past a party in a grillplatz, as soon as she makes eye contact, she crashes the party.” Ruby (West Siberian Laika, 4, from Ukraine).

“His tail is like a paintbrush, so we thought, Pablo. His passport says Pablo Picasso.” Pablo (Lithuanian hound/lab mix, 3, from Lithuania).

“When he came here he was so small I kept losing him in the apartment so he had to wear a bell, the best fit was the one from the Lindt chocolate rabbits.” Olive (Shepherd mix, 1.5, from Ukraine).

“She’s a big baby. She loves everything, she’s so friendly.” Nelly (Boxer Bordeaux mix, 4 months and 2 weeks, from Brandenburg).

“She made a full recovery from a near-fatal stroke last year, and now she’s the queen of the dog park.” Lola (Black lab, 17, from Belfast).

“She’s a going-everywhere dog.” Emma (Black lab, 9, from Mexico like her owner).

Alma (Miniature bull terrier, 3, from Berlin).

“Her name means “little stone” in French. But it’s a different spelling – this spelling would be ‘cashew’”. Cajou (Silver Lab, almost 3, from Brandenburg).

“I named him after Boba Fett. At the beginning he just wanted to protect me. He was a little fluffy ball…he’s gotten more sausage-y. He’s a warrior.” Boba (Corgi Chihuahua mix, 2, from Germany).

“He’s an expat.” Apu (Sheltie, 13, from New York).

“He has his own Instagram.” Almond (Lab mix, 5, from North Macedonia).

Jacky (Doberman, 2, from Moldova).