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Get up before the sun does!

Servicing those who want a taste of counterculture on their own terms, Morning Gloryville Berlin is an early morning rave replete with massages instead of molly, and more healthy sins. Bless yourself on Jan 28 at Neue Heimat.

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Photo by Anna Agliardi

So you want to drink less, exercise more and wake up earlier. The solution to all three? Breakfast raving!

Started in London back in 2013, Morning Gloryville encourages people to drag themselves out of bed at 6:30am to dance to thumping electro beats with the boundless enthusiasm of a Pentecostal church congregation.

They’ve now shipped their monthly child-friendly, alcohol-free parties to Europe’s beer capital, catering to burnt-out Berliners willing to pay €15 (€10 online, €8 if booked early) for a softer introduction to the clean-living lifestyle.

At the cavernous Neue Heimat, bare-chested hipsters jovially bump hips with greying old-timers on the dancefloor, while the few souls headed straight to work skip the face-painting stand in favour of smoothies (€4.50) and a free foot rub courtesy of Boris, the in-house masseur.

New-age sceptics will want to steer clear of the earnest sun saluting and “positive vibes, maaaan” ethos of the yoga corner, but even the most reluctant raver will eventually be drawn into the day-glo fray by the whooping volunteer warm-up dancers and clattering samba band.

And if you do still find yourself craving a particular kind of party buzz, a round of espressos (€1.30) from the coffee bar should power you through until mid-morning.

Morning Gloryville, Neue Heimat, Revaler Str. 99, next one Jan 28, 6:30-10:30