Pitch Guide

What to pitch

We’re looking for Berlin-related stories with unique, strong angles and on-the-ground reporting. We run interesting, well-reported, eye-catching features and cover stories that reflect all aspects of Berlin life – the absurd, the important, and the worthy. We’ve been around since 2002, so please do some online recon to find out if we’ve already published a similar story before contacting us. 

Always welcome: meticulously researched investigative pieces on hot-button issues or ongoing topics; profiles or interviews featuring interesting, colourful protagonists; deep-dives into overlooked Berlin subcultures or cultural phenomena, photography spreads that make you see the city differently. Is there an initiative we should care about? An unusual meet up where people come together over a niche topic? A piece of Berlin history that’s been overlooked? The scope is broad, so go wild and pitch anything you think will work.

Only occasionally: first-person experiential pieces or essays.

For the love of god, no: “I just moved to Berlin and have some witty observations about public nudity and traffic lights!”

Target audience

Our readers are people in Berlin – curious visitors, newcomers and longtime residents.  

How to pitch

Send a concise paragraph to [email protected] outlining the basics of your story (including a proper angle) and identifying potential sources. Tell us why you’re the person to handle the story, how you’d break it down, and why it’s relevant to our readers. If you have in mind how it could be visually represented, even better. If you haven’t worked with us before, please include links to or samples of your previous work.

Once your pitch is accepted, you will be contacted with a fee and a word count.