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  • Through the trees: The best forest walks in and around Berlin


Through the trees: The best forest walks in and around Berlin

Ancient oaks, hidden lakes and the occasional peacock: Here are some of our favourite forest paths.

The River Panke at Schloßpark Schönhausen in Pankow. Photo: Imago/Schöning

Living in Berlin, we’re all in need of some forest-bathing therapy. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favourite woodland walks in and around Berlin to help liven up your regular Spaziergang.

Walk along the Panke to Buch

Follow the Panke to Buch Forest, via Karower Teiche nature reserve. Photo: IMAGO / Jürgen Ritter

If you’re craving greenery, jump on your bike and pedal north along the Panke canal to Buch forest. You’ll soon feel miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Be sure to stop for a bonus stroll around the Karower Teiche nature reserve, which is en route, to watch birds and water buffalo. Buch forest itself is dense, and the acres of woodland are crisscrossed by trails, including a sculpture walk, meaning you can stroll for as long (or little) as you’d like, and are unlikely to see many people.

Stroll from Wannsee to Pfaueninsel

Pfaueninsel Castle. Photo: IMAGO / Shotshop

After a stroll along the banks of Wannsee, turn off the main road and continue through the rather impressive villa-lined streets. Before long, you find yourself in the dense Westlicher Düppeler forest. Head east, then follow the path through the woodland to the ferry that’ll transport you to car-free Pfaueninsel. It’s a really peaceful walk, the only thing that might disrupt the calm are the wild peacocks which roam free on the island – just don’t upset them!

Naturpark Marienfelde‍

Freizeitpark Marienfelde is home to many endangered animals including the red-backed shrike and skylark. Photo: IMAGO / F. Anthea Schaap

The expansive nature park Freizeitpark Marienfelde is home to many endangered animals including the moor frog and sand lizard, as well as rare bird species such as the red-backed shrike and skylark. Be sure to walk the 1.5km nature experience path to take in the park’s diversity.

Tegel Forest

Ancient trees and grazing water buffalo: Tegel Forest is one of Berlin’s lesser-known gems. Photo: IMAGO / Travel-Stock-Image

The forest itself is a mix of ancient and young trees, and taking in the differences between the two is a good way to immerse yourself in ‘forest bathing’ (it’s a thing). We recommend starting your walk on the northern side of the woods at Tegeler Fließ, a small but picturesque stream where you’ll find water buffalo grazing. There’s a circular loop from here that takes you through the full Fließtal valley. Alternatively, head into the southern forest to completely surround yourself with trees.

Meander through Birkenwerder 

Swampy lakes, water lilies, sprawling meadows and trees galore can be found in Birkenwerder. Photo: IMAGO / Jürgen Ritter

Walk from S-Bahn Birkenwerder to Wensickendorf Bahnhof and you’ll encounter swampy lakes, green water lilies, sprawling meadows and centuries-old woodland. The ever-changing landscape feels almost primeval and it never feels like you’re taking the same walk. Take a picnic and get lost.

Veer away from Sacrower See into Königswald

The view of the Heilandskirche from Krughorn. Photo: IMAGO / epd

The sprawling Königswald is a protected nature reserve (the oldest in Potsdam), and the dense forest is the perfect place to wander aimlessly. South of the forest and Schloss Sacrow, you’ll find the Heilandskirche, an incredibly beautiful church that juts out into the water.