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EXB Wednesdays at Kaffee Burger

Exberliner's night of riot grrrls takes to the stage with the Haute Areal label night. Mary Ocher and Doctorella perform and DJ Shiner ladles on the 'pop till you drop' this Wed, Sep 28.

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The noble return of Exberliner Wednesdays at Kaffee Burger features a fellowship of femme fatales of a particularly haughty nature, thanks to their association with Gummersbach’s Haute Areal label.

First up is Mary Ocher, Berlin’s Bard of the Broadside, with an emphasis on broad – both her range and her mouth.

Now without her Baby Cheeses following her around, the off-kilter anti-folkster will play any time and anywhere at the drop of a hairpin: even for us!

And then there’s Doctorella (photo), fronted by the famed Grether Twins (Sandra, of Parole Trixi fame, and Kerstin, the author of Zuckerbabys), the closest Berlin has come to producing a Lester Bangs in our lifetimes.

With their love of Courtney shining through, you’ll find yourself throwing your thesaurus into the air, along with your sobriety.

Altogether, it’s an evening of Haute for your thoughts.

Afterward, per expectations, Exberliner’s DJ Shiner spins Youth Schlager disguised as indie rock for the fortifying masses who dance until dropsy overtakes them late in the early morn.

Wed, Sep 28, 21:00 | Kaffee Burger

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