Wednesdays at Burger

May's Wednesday at Kaffee Burger lineup on May 23 features a couple of down-home space colonisers: electropop New Yorker Maxx Klaxon and Brazilian-Berliner Pharoah Chromium. Don't miss it. Doors at 21:00!

Image for Wednesdays at Burger
Photo by Steev Lemercier

May’s appealing line-up features a couple of down-home space colonisers tickling the grit and dirt from between the keys of their synths, conveying to the past the warnings of the future.

First up is space-bespectacled New Yorker Maxx Klaxon, a Terminator tendril from the future with a fondness for 1982 electropop. Created in a test tube in intergalactic Miami, his research has led to the discovery of booty frequencies that can power spaceships and mix the perfect chocolate milk.

And then, Berlin-bred former Boy from Brazil Pharoah Chromium (photo) has transformed Egyptian sands into sonic pathways of cryptic, industrial liberation, with the sounds of the woodwind approaching the howl of the wildebeest.

Afterward, the stoic and prescriptively predictable DJ Shiner shall spin the sounds of your radio soul until the sun forces you back into your hole.

Wednesday at Kaffee Burger, May 23, 21:00 | Kaffee Burger