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Get a haircut! English-speaking hairdressers and barbers in Berlin

Want a trim but worried about saying the wrong thing? See our pick of the best English-speaking hairdressers and barbers in Berlin.

Photo: IMAGO / Westend61

Your hairdo has been looking a bit wild and woolly for a few weeks, but you’re nervous about getting a haircut. What if you say the wrong thing? Could kurz be understood as a closely shaved dome?

What if you say ‘bitte nur Spitzenschneiden’ and you end up with a bob and one of those mega short Berlin fringes? Unless you’re totally fearless, it can be nerve-wracking trying to communicate exactly what you want once you’re sat in the chair, looking yourself and your hairdresser in the mirror. However, there is a solution.

All these salons speak English (as well as a fair few other languages) so you can walk away with exactly the look you wanted.


Renasanz Salon

Photo: Roberta Dabed

Founded by Roberta Dabed, a stylist from Chile, Renasanz’s bright and friendly Friedrichshain salon offers hair cuts and colouring for men and women. They use all organic products for washing your hair.

  • Renasanz Salon, Grünberger Str. 24, Friedrichshain, Tue-Fri 10:30-19, details.
  • Long cut 45€, short cut 35€, quick cut 25€
  • Languages spoken – English, Spanish, Japanese


Photo: Salone39

Salone39 features funky rotating art works, and their Facebook page is full of fun facts about hair. The salon offers hair cuts and colouring for men and women, and the service is friendly and meticulous in attention to detail.

  • Salone39, Silvio-Meier-Str. 2, Friedrichshain, Tue-Fri 11-19, Sat 10-18, details.
  • Languages spoken – English, German



Photo: @nomadkreuzberg

The London brand Nomad opened its Berlin branch in 2016. They offer men’s grooming and wellness, with all haircuts offering a complimentary hair wash, hot lather neck shave, as well as incorporating various massage techniques for an extremely indulgent experience. Because you’re worth it.

  • Nomad, Schönleinstr. 4, Kreuzberg, Tue 10-19, Wed 9:30-17, Thu 11-20, Fri 9-18, Sat 9-16:30, details.
  • Wash and cut 42€, back and sides 28€, beard trim 28€
  • Languages spoken – English, German, Italian, Polish

Viktor Leske

Photo: @viktor_leske_berlin

Viktor Leske now has two branches – one in Kreuzberg and one in Mitte – and is one of Berlin’s leading avant-garde hair studios. The studios themselves were concept designs from legendary architect of Berghain, Karhard. Come here to be transformed into your most Berlin self.

  • Viktor Leske, Lausitzer Pl. 1, Kreuzberg & Joachimstraße 8, Mitte, Tue-Fri 11-20, Sat 10-18, details.
  • Short cut 45€, medium cut, 65€, long cut 75€
  • Languages spoken – English, German, French, Italian

God Save the Mullet

Photo: @gstmberlin

It’s ok, a mullet is not the only thing on offer at GSTM in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. They also offer regular old hair cuts, colour and blow dry. But if you were ever going to get a mullet, Berlin would be the place.

  • God Save the Mullet, Skalitzer Str. 83, Wrangelkiez, Tue-Sat 10-19, details.
  • Short cut 45€, medium cut 55€, long cut 65€
  • Languages spoken – English, German, Italian, French, Swedish


Photo: @amywho_berlin

The pastel shades of Bergmannkiez’s AMYWHO salon are a treat for the eyes. Men and women’s styles are both catered for here. Amy Adams, the British Founder, has assembled a brilliant international team, delivering timeless cuts and friendly service.

  • AMYWHO, Schleiermacherstr. 25, Bergmannkiez, Mon 12-20, Tue-Wed 10-20, Thu-Fri 9-21, Sat 10-18, details.
  • Cut & blow dry 68€, clipper cut 45€
  • Languages spoken – English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Serbian



Photo: @wallacewallace__

The sleek WallaceWallace in Mitte has a small but dedicated team of stylists, who can consult on styling and colour.

  • WallaceWallace, Brunnenstr. 159, Mitte, Mon-Fri 9-20, Sat 9-18, details.
  • Short cut 45€, long cut 60€
  • Languages spoken – English, German, Spanish



Photo: @eshk_neukolln

After huge success in London, ESHK has arrived in Berlin, with salons in Neukölln and Moabit. The space is dual purpose, with records for sale as well as hair cuts. They have an in house curator who hand picks records, which you can listen to while you wait at the salon’s listening station.

  • ESHK, Thomasstr. 11, Neukölln & Stromstr. 44, Moabit, Mon-Fri 10-20, Sat 10-18, details.
  • Wash, cut and blow dry from 52€, short cut back and side 40€
  • Languages spoken – English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Icelandic

Prenzlauer Berg


Photo: @gen_barber

I mean, just look at the moustache. You know you’re in safe hands with this guy cutting your hair. Rowdy barbershop now has three locations across Berlin. Their international team blends tradition and style and will be sure to deliver exactly the cut you’re looking for. They have their own range of beard care products if you fancy pampering yourself at home too.

  • Rowdy, Kollwitzstr. 71, Prenzlauer Berg; Gärtnerstr. 4, Friedrichshain; Meinekestr. 6, Charlottenburg, Mon-Fri 10-20, Sat 9-19, details.
  • Haircut and beard shaping 59€, haircut 39€
  • Language spoken – English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Hungarian, Russian, Persian, Ukrainian, Polish



Brothers Tarik and Furkan opened their shop with the intention of bringing classic barbering to Charlottenburg. They offer haircuts, beard grooming, and straight razor shaves. The salon combines contemporary German and traditional Turkish barbering techniques.

  • Uppaman, Knesebeckstr. 77, Charlottenburg, Tue-Fri 10-18, Sat 10-17, details.
  • Cut, wash and styling 42€, hair and beard combo 79€
  • Languages spoken – English, German, Turkish, Spanish



Photo: iramasure

Japanese hospitality awaits you at iramasure, where your haircut takes place in a uniquely relaxing ambience. They have two branches, one in Schöneberg and one in Friedrichshain, and you’re guaranteed a holistic wellness experience at both.

  • iramasure, Winterfeldtstr. 13, Schöneberg, Tue-Fri 11-20, Sat 10-18 & Gärtnerstr. 11, Friedrichshain, Tue-Fri 10:30-19:30, Sat 10-18, details.
  • Cut incl. wash and dry from 50€
  • Languages: English, German, Japanese

Home Studio

Natural Hair Berlin

Photo: @naturalhairberlin

Faah is a curly hair specialist with years of experience. You have to book a consultation with her if you’re a new customer, and she puts a huge amount of personal care into each appointment. You’ll walk away not only with an incredibly styled look, but also a wealth of information about how to properly care for your curls.

  • Natural Hair Berlin, home studio, book a consultation for details.
  • Languages: English