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Kimchi to kombucha: The art of fermentation at Edible Alchemy

Master probiotics and make your own miso at this Treptow-based school.

Photo: @iki_bird via ediblealchemy.co

Ever wanted to learn how to make miso, that beautifully salty Japanese paste brimming with umami flavour? Edible Alchemy’s Miso & Koji workshop offers the chance for up to 16 participants to geek out over edible bacteria.

Traditionally made by fermenting soybeans with koji (molded grains), miso can also be cultured by mixing koji with any number of ingredients, including lentils, butter beans and even bananas, if Edible Alchemy co-founder Alexis Goertz’s collection of homemade concoctions is anything to go by (it is). Hosted in a rustic loft in Alt-Treptow, Goertz’s workshop begins with an introduction to fermentation, followed by a miso tasting – complemented by homemade kefir water and cabbage for munching when the salt becomes too much – and the opportunity to mix your own custom batch of umami goodness, ready to savour in 6-12 months time. You didn’t think fermentation happened overnight, did you?

Priced at €56, the workshop isn’t cheap, but if you’re looking to get into the nitty gritty of fermentation science, the knowledge obtained is well worth the investment. You could also try something more entry-level by signing up for one of Edible Alchemy’s other workshops, which include classes on how to make fermented hot sauces, sourdough bread and yogurt. Or buy the products straight up on their website… don’t be surprised if you develop a crippling miso butter addiction.

Edible Alchemy CoLaboratory Moosdorfstraße 7-9, Berlin-Treptow.

Find out more on the Edible Alchemy website or register for ongoing learning with their online academy. Follow on Instagram.

Photo: Dana Hall