What can you make with a mortar and pestle, whisk and a muffin tin? Deodorant! We tried DIYing our own all-natural deocrème with some help from Henrike Grubert, founder of artisanal cosmetic brand Pony Hütchen, at her new workshop.

Image for DIY Deo

Photo by Iryna Sylinnyk. The 90-minute deodorant workshop is based on Pony Hütchen’s best selling deocrèmes.

Are you that person standing in the Rossmann aisle for half an hour scouring the ingredients list of every deodorant to make sure there is nothing potentially harmful or environmentally questionable in it? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that you can make your very own skin-friendly, armpit refresher! Deo-virtuoso and founder of artisanal cosmetic brand Pony Hütchen Henrike Grubert is now offering a 90-minute deodorant workshop (€35) based on her bestselling deocrèmes free from aluminium salts such as ‘A Perfect Matcha’ with lemon and green tea and ‘Supervixen’ with mango and vanilla (both 5ml for €2.99). The process relies on simple kitchen tools, like a mortar and pestle, whisk and muffin tin, and ingredients like kaolin and zinc oxide (and includes some upper-arm strengthening, due to all the grinding and mixing). It hearkens back to the brand’s humble origins, when Grubert, living in Switzerland, picked up homemade cosmetics after her son’s birth and started her brand as a web shop. Whether the workshop inspires you to go DIY with deodorant full-time, or simply provides insight into all-natural alternatives available for purchase, you are guaranteed to depart with four palm-sized tins of personalised deocrème. You’ll also be able to sleep at night, knowing that your armpits are not costing mother nature.

Pony Hütchen | Straßburger Str. 37, Prenzlauer Berg.