Deutsch by donation

Deutsch für dich

Not willing to spend a cent on your language skills or just in need of a little extra practice? The weekly Deutsch für dich event, organised by Lisa Goldau and Diviam Hoffmann and held since July 2011 at Neukölln‘s Zátopek bar, is the ideal solution. Originally run in the now-bygone New Orleans Haus on Görlitzer Staße, Dfd is a completely informal and quite cosy gathering of German lovers and learners. Started in 2009, the event now has over 530 registered participants and 900 followers on Facebook, and is particularly popular with musicians, English teachers, artists, dancers and other eligible members of the young creative class. Goldau and Hoffmann, along with some occasional helpers, offer three 60-minute lessons every Wednesday from 3pm: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Nobody comes here to get fluent, and some would probably argue that the advanced class should probably be a little more… advanced, but others would say the suggested €3-5 Trinkgeld is well worth it.

Zátopek, Niemetzstr. 24, Neukölln, S-Bhf Sonnenallee, Wed 15-19 (depending on level), [email protected]

St. Gaudy Language Exchange

“My English for your German” is the slogan for Aussie Dee-Dee Lovering’s Language Exchange held Wednesdays and Saturdays in the B’hind Room at St. Gaudy Café on Schönhauser Allee. Attracting an audience anywhere between the ages of 20 and 60, this easy-going event takes an active approach to language learning and treats tandem as the tool to improving your German. Expect a fun atmosphere, the opportunity to meet a few new quirky friends and lessons with themes like Terry Zwigoff’s Ghost World, Guinness and Nick Cave, to name just a few! €3-5 donation is suggested.

St. Gaudy Café, Gaudystr. 1, Prenzlauer Berg, U+S-Bhf Schönhauser Allee, Wed 19:00 & Sat 15:00,