Dancers in the dark

There's no candle to be held to No Light No Lycra, this excursion into 60 minutes of sight-deprived, alcohol- and drug-free abandon seems to be (for the moment) all the blind rage.

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Ditch your heels, booze and inhibitions at the door. As of last month, the global dance-in-the-dark trend hit Berlin in the form of the no-frills neo-dance No Lights No Lycra party, a weekly pseudo-spiritual ceremony of raging endorphins. In a shadowy black room, roughly 20-30 moonwalk-busting devotees let loose for 60 minutes of pure, unadulterated boogie.

Ignited in Melbourne in 2009 by dance students Alice Glenn and Heidi Barrett, NLNL has since caught fire, spreading to Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, New York, Glasgow, San Francisco, London, and soon, Barcelona and Amsterdam.

Crunk like Beyonce or whip out a Risky Business undie jive in the drug-, alcohol- and doorbitch-free environment, grinding to a genre-curious soundtrack of golden oldies and butt-wiggling newbies.

While a venue change is expected as numbers swell, for now NLNL currently operates out of the Hubertuslounge cellar, entered via Kreuzberg’s very own Narnian wardrobe.

No Lights No Lycra, Hubertuslounge, Eisenbahnstr. 6, Kreuzberg, U-Bhf Görlitzer Bahnhof,, Tue 18:30-19:30