Codename Teddybär

Built by the Americans and now operating as a ‘black project’ under the codename ‘Teddybär’, a giant subterranean antenna sends out so-called ELF (extremely low frequency) waves via the radar tower beside the building complex. Really?

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Photo by Adam Kahan

File number: EXB008-Tempelhof-brain-drain

Year: 1945-present

THE FACTS: From immediately after WWII until the final withdrawal of the last US troops and the return of the Tempelhof Airport to German authorities in 1993, the Americans used the complex in south Berlin as a military airbase. It was temporarily closed for all civil aviation and off limits for non-military personnel and in 2008 it completely ceased to operate as an airport. Located beneath the premises is a network of tunnels that is sometimes described as a ‘maze’.

THE THEORY: According to the theorists, situated underneath the airfield of the inoperative Tempelhof Airport, there is a giant subterranean antenna (several square kilometres in diameter!).

Built by the Americans and now operating as a ‘black project’ under the codename ‘Teddybär’, it till this day sends out so-called ELF (extremely low frequency) waves via the radar tower beside the building complex. These waves permit communication with far away submarines or the detection of remote underground enemy facilities unaffected by the earth curvature.

At the same time the antenna allegedly also serves another nefarious purpose: part of a huge experiment, the antenna could be used to test the effects of non-lethal sonar weapons, meant to wear down the enemy – on unsuspecting Berliners. Which means that we are all test subjects!

The radiation emitted by Teddybär interferes with our brain, causing CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue and Immune Deficit Syndrome, more commonly known as: CFS-Chronic Fatigue syndrome). Some of the symptoms of this disease are – apart from permanent fatigue – frequent headaches and the inability to concentrate or sleep. The question remains: who is running the programme now – the US Military or some other dark clandestine power?

Grazyna Forsa and Franz Bludorf, two ‘nonfiction’ authors from Berlin have dedicated a good deal of their life and a special website to the topic. They are to this day the main if not only promoters of the theory. Their online essay Codename Teddybär consists of statements of a former Tempelhof security guard, amateur photographs, graphs of electromagnetic waves they measured in the vicinity of Tempelhof and elsewhere, and rainbow-coloured diagrams on CFIDS.

ANALYSIS: From a strategic point of view, it is extremely implausible that during the Cold War the Americans would have built such a powerful and dangerous facility – of all places – in the former island city of West Berlin, which was surrounded by communist East Germany, as if to serve it to the Soviets on a silver plate in the event of a conflict. Moreover, as every good conspiracy theorist knows, the Americans already run a facility which identical powers are attributed to – the infamous HAARP in remote Alaska.

So why run a second equally risky programme in another country, even if it’s an ally? When the US soldiers left Berlin, they made damn sure that every item that could possibly be used for military purposes was either disassembled and removed or destroyed – why should they have made an exception in this case?

Then again, don’t we all constantly and inexplicably suffer from symptoms that could be traced to CFIDS?

BELIEVABILITY (out of 10): X