Brexit survival snacks

As another Christmas in Berlin looms for the city's expats, we find solace in some beloved British snacks.

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Online grocer British Corner Shop has added over 800 M&S ‘family favourites’ to its assortment just in time for Christmas. Photo: British Corner Shop / M&S

While the UK might not get everything right (see Brexit), those strange green isles sure know how to snack – with nibbles and biccies that transport even the most assimilated Neukölln hipster back to the rolling hills of Staffingtonshire-on-Whatever.

Berliners looking to score some best-of-British imports just got a major boost thanks to Marks & Spencer, the British high-street emporium with a supermarket range that’s more Rewe’s Feine Welt than Penny’s own-brand bargains. Marks and Sparks (as it’s affectionately known) has teamed up with the British Corner shop, a UK-registered export machine catering to over 500,000 customers globally.

The online grocer has added over 800 M&S ‘family favourites’ to its assortment just in time for Christmas, including the ever-popular Percy Pigs, chewy little swines made with no gelatine and real fruit juice, and teatime classics such as bourbons, ginger snaps and the utterly decadent walnut whips.

Savoury snackers can delve into a crisp-flavour range that puts the German Paprikachip/Erdnussflip toss-up to shame. Shipping fees to Germany are €4.99 for up to a kilo of dried goods (that’s as many as 62.5 digestive biscuits) or €11.99 for up to 30 kilos (1875 digestive biscuits). All of these goodies can be dispatched to your Berlin WG in one to three working days, with the help of a newly launched Dutch distribution centre to get around the red tape (again, see Brexit).

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