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On the water

Row your boat: Boating and water sports in Berlin

When the sun is shining, there's no better place to be than on the water. These are the best spots of boating and water sports in Berlin.

Photo: Waterlounge

If you think water sports in Berlin just means a group of drunk twenty-somethings squashed into a very small dinghy on Landwehrkanal, think again. As it turns out, Berlin’s waterways and lakes have much more to offer.

From stand up paddle boarding to floating Finnish saunas, here are some of the best places to explore the water in and around the city. 

Kanuliebe Berlin 

Set sail from Alt-Treptow with boats from Kanuliebe. Photo: Kanuliebe.

Make yourself comfortable in Kulturhaus Insel beer garden or, if you fancy taking a trip away from dry land, you can head into the water from Insel der Jugend in Alt-Treptow. Kanuliebe has all manner of things to choose from such as single, double and triple pedal boats as well as kayaks, stand-up paddling boards, and two-man or three-man canoes.

You can pick your fancy on the website, but note that the booking cannot be cancelled (even on rainy days!). However, if you’re feeling spontaneous there is a small number of boats that can also be rented on site.

  • Kanuliebe Berlin, Treptow, details.

Nalani SUP Surfing 

Feierabend feels better on a paddle board in Müggelsee. Photo: Nalani Surfing

You can find Nalani Surfing on the grounds of the Friedrichshagen resort on Müggelsee. Only an S-Bahn ride away, this spot is perfect for families – you can sunbathe on the beach, kids can play in the sand or you can rent one of the 70 SUPs.

From entry-level to race boards, there’s a wide range of equipment in stock. You don’t always have to manage your SUP alone – you can try a beginners’ course or even an after-work team event, both of which you can book online. And if you have an Urban Sports membership, it’s free! 

  • Nalani Surfing, Friedrichshagen, details.


Do your bit for the environment while soaking up some rays in a GreenKayak. Photo: Promo

Since 2017, GreenKayak skilfully combined fun and environmental protection in cooperation with Carlsberg. Originally started in Copenhagen, Berliners can now join the effort – borrow one of the bright green two-man kayaks for free, equipped with buckets and litter pickers and collect rubbish from the city’s waters.

Every year, around 850 kilos of rubbish is recovered from the Spree, Havel and other rivers: Freizeit meets environmentalism. You can book time slots online via GreenKayak. 

The Floating Tub 

Yes, this sounds a bit odd – being in a body of water while floating on another body of water. But the Floating Tub makes it possible, and what’s more, rather enjoyable. The hot tub boat started in 2016, soon to be joined by the sauna boat, both of which are powered by an environmentally friendly electric motor. The hot tub offers space for up to six people while the sauna boat is built  for two to four. You can find the Floating Tub in Treptower Park and set sail around the heart of Berlin. 

  • The Floating Tub, Treptow, details.

Floß & Los

Bid farewell to the everyday for the afternoon. Los! Into the water. Photo: Floss und Los

Why walk through Berlin when you could float and admire the view from the water? With Floß & Los you can experience the lakes and rivers of Berlin and Brandenburg on a city raft or float (without needing a licence). You can rent both at the stations on Müggelsee, Rummelsburger See and at Oberbaumbrücke. The 15 rafts range in capacity from 5 to 20 people so you can spend time with family, friends or even organise a rather rowdy work event. Routes are suggested online, so you can research where’s best to go in advance. 

  • Floß & Los, details.
  • Station Müggelsee, Station Rummelsburg, Station Köpenick

Ahoi Ostkreuz

Ahoi Ostkreuz has a plethora of boats to choose from, all of which you can rent for a minimum of four hours. Photo: Ahoi Ostkreuz

As the name suggests, Ahoi Ostkreuz can be found on Rummelsburger See. Kayaks, SUP boards and pedal boats are all available to rent for a minimum of four hours, so you get a good amount of time out on the water. Just don’t drink too many Sternis before you head off. The maximum is two people per kayak or pedal boat, but four-man pedal boats are available for families. 

  • Ahoi Ostkreuz, Lichtenberg, details.

Saunafloß Berlin 

With Saunafloß, you can get your Schweiß on and then take a dip in Werbellinsee. Photo: Imago/Westend61

Although not technically watersports, the floating sauna on Werbellinsee is still a healthy excursion all year round. Up to six people can relax in the traditional Finnish sauna barrel at 95 degrees, and the raft can hold a total of seven people. You can also take a dip in the lake (although maybe bring your wetsuit if you’re doing this in winter).

The rental is located on the eastern shore of the Brandenburg lake, and is only an hour away from Berlin by car. In case you forgot your towels, no need to turn around, you can always rent everything you need on site for a fee. 

  • Saunafloß Berlin, Joachimsthal, details.

Altstadthafen Spandau

The Altstadthafen rents out 4-person, 6-person and 8-person motor boats for the perfect spring or summer outing. Those who prefer the analog option will be pleased to hear that there’s also a range of pedal boats and rowing boats. If you want to make your trip a touch more erudite, you can even take guided boat tours to Oranienburg, Wannsee or Charlottenburg Palace. All of this you can book via the Altstadthafen website.

  • Altstadthafen Spandau, Spandau, details.

Mimikus Bootsverleih 

Speed down the Havel river with one of Mimikus Bootsverleih’s motorboats. Photo: Mimikus Bootsverleih

The Mimikus boat rental shop is located right next to the Havel river and has just about everything you need for water sports: motorboats, cabin cruisers, pontoon boats, party boats, barbecue boats, rafts, jet skis, SUPs, canoes and much more. Everything can be rented with or without a boating licence and you can also have catering included in case you get peckish.

  • Mimikus Bootsverleih, Spandau, details.

Waterlounge Berlin 

Float through the city centre and see attractions like the Molecule Man without the crowds. Photo: Waterlounge

Waterlounge in Köpenick offers boats for groups anywhere between eight and twenty people and can be booked with or without a licence. They also have add ons such as a barbecue, ice box or toilet to make the trip that extra bit comfortable. If you want to make it romantic and fancy an evening on the water then you can also book a night-time raft trip through the city.

  • Waterlounge Berlin, Köpenick, details.