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Bars in Kreuzberg: Smoke and Sophistication

Too much choice at Happy Hour? We've narrowed down the search with Kreuzberg's best bars.

Shaken or Stirred? Not only does Kreuzberg boast some of Berlin’s trendiest cocktails bars, but also places where you can sit down for a simple pint. Photo: Kante

If you’re going out in Berlin, Kreuzberg is one of the hot-spots to head to. This districts’ reputation for bohemian trendiness goes back to its status as a poor, left-wing neighbourhood right up against the wall in West Berlin. Since then, much has changed, but Kreuzberg remains as cool and distinct as ever – with plenty of watering holes. Prost!

Convincing Classics at the Würgeengel

Enjoy cocktail classics like Old Fashioned and Mai Tai at Würgeengel, or just a tasty cold beer. Photo: Würgeengel

The epitome of a good classic – you can’t go wrong. In Luis Buñuel’s film of the same name, an invisible constraint prevents people at a dinner party from leaving the room – and you might find that you don’t want to leave this plush 20s-style bar either. 

On the script are classics like Old Fashioned, Mint Julep, Mai Tai as well as the bar’s cleverly devised own creations, or of course, simply a cold beer.

  • Würgeengel Dresdener Straße 122, Kreuzberg, details.

Outstanding Quality at Galander

Galander is one of the bars in Kreuzberg that impresses with its timeless elegance. Photo: Benjamin Donath

Walking into Galander is like going back in time. Decorated in the style of the 1920s, with treacly lighting, it’s maybe how you would have imagined a speakeasy to feel like back in the day. The highly trained bartenders are dressed appropriately to match the vintage surroundings. “Extremely high quality at very adequate prices” is what owner Dominik Galander stands for, who also runs a branch of the same name in Charlottenburg, if you’re passing through that neck of the woods. 

  • Galander Großbeerenstraße 54, Kreuzberg, details.

Apérol and Tapas at Frau Luna

At Frau Luna there are not only good drinks, but also tasty tapas. Photo: Frau Luna/Pauline Bossdorf

It is said that Paul-Lincke-Ufer is Kreuzberg’s Côte d’Azur. But rather than the sounds of the Mediterranean surf, you can hear the gentle hum of Kottbusser Damm from Frau Luna’s terrace. At least you can still get the taste of the Med with cold aperitif cuisine consisting mainly of tapas and tasty sandwiches. The drinks are uncomplicated, delicious and fairly priced: six open wines and various versions of Spritz or Negroni. 

  • Frau Luna Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44, Kreuzberg, details.

Kante: Classy and Insta-ready

Every day from 6pm, Kreuzberg celebrates all forms of indulgence in and in front of Kante. Photo: Kante

Kitchen at Kante (formerly Kantine Kohlmann) is comfort food with a glamour factor. On the menu are things like apricot and roasted romaine lettuce or pulpo tentacle lolling on a bed of beluga lentils and chorizo, surrounded by lobster foam and crispy croquette. These elaborate plates, combined with new furniture, a few light installations here, a little Kreuzberg neo-patina there and the place is perfectly Instagrammable. 

The drinks don’t disappoint either: Kante’s wine list has a touch of Hollywood (including the Chateau Miraval Rosé from the ex-couple “Brangelina”) and cocktails are mixed with expertise from the adjoining bar.

  • Kante Skalitzer Straße 64, Kreuzberg, details.

Roaring Twenties in the Limonadier

Ambitious cocktails and a 20’s vibe in Limonadier. Photo: Erich dos Santos

A young, ambitious bar team prepares their own outstanding creations with homemade ingredients for a considerable regular clientele. Not to mention the classics, served in equal measure and with no less skill. Some nice aesthetic touches – wallpaper made from book pages and dated picture frames – add to the 1920s style.

  • Limonadier Nostitzstraße 12, Kreuzberg, details

Fine Wines at Ottorink

In Ottorink the owner knows the winemaker and you can tell from the quality. Photo: Lena Ganssmann

Andreas Rink named his wine bar in Dresdener Straße after his grandfather, a winegrower from the Palatinate region. In the meantime, he has also had a son called Otto. Opened eight years ago, Ottorink was very early among the new wine bars in Berlin. And new here means: wines from a winemaker whom the owner also knows. The atmosphere isn’t rustic, rather, unpretentious in the best sense: nonchalant. And nothing has changed since Rink recently left his bar and emigrated to the USA. A new team continues to run the place in the old spirit. 

  • Ottorink Dresdener Straße 124, Kreuzberg, details.

Drinks on tap in Stück

Industrial chic and drinks from the tap in Stück. Photo: Giulia Daley

Having taken over the space of legendary neighbourhood bar Barbie Deinhoff in 2022, Stück had some big shoes to fill. But they seem to be managing just fine. During the pandemic, the operating team not only set up three new shops, but also successfully launched bottled cocktails. And this is the spiel: the cocktails are on tap. This makes the action at the bar less complicated, but the team has more time for small talk and atmosphere, although the Espresso Martinis are still properly shaken. 

  • Stück Schlesische Straße 16, Kreuzberg, details.

Hidden Gems at Fahimi

Fahimi is a hidden gem hiding in plain sight next to Kotbusser Tor. Photo: Fahimi Bar

Fahimi is hidden away behind the rather unassuming dingy entrance door between a supermarket and a multi-storey car park at the new Kreuzberg Centre (NKZ). Inside and up the stairs is the elegant interior of a surprisingly classic cocktail bar. Diner style seating surrounds the bar set against the back wall, while tables of twos and fours line the bare walls (Kreuzberg style). Delicious drinks like the “lemon box” made of pisco, lemon, vermouth, amaretto and apple juice make it a charming place for many occasions. 

  • Fahimi Skalitzer Straße 133, Kreuzberg, details.

The award-winning Schwarze Traube

Bare brick meets rough charm and oddball glamour. It must be Kreuzberg. The relaxed living room that has moved from Wrangel- to Muskauer Straße which also happens to be one of the best bars in the city. Especially when the multi-award-winning bartender Atalay Aktas is behind the bar and tailors every drink. There is no menu – the staff advise the guests on what to choose according to their taste, or mood. It’s usually crowded because the prices are reasonable so make sure you bag a spot early in the evening.

  • Schwarze Traube Muskauer Straße 15, Kreuzberg, details.

The name says it all in Küche Bar

The game is in the name in Küche Bar. Photo: Nina Zilvar

Step into the kitchen. The friendly service quickly brings the menu containing an amuse bouche, starter, main course and dessert. The highlight: the courses are liquid. Küche Bar is a smart place because the best parties take place in the kitchen. It’s not without food however: small dishes such as soup to sandwiches are also available to order. 

  • Küche Bar Tempelhofer Ufer 16, Kreuzberg, details.

Beer Heaven in Hopfenreich

(Craft) beer fans are guaranteed to get their money’s worth at Hopfenreich. Photo: Hopfenreich

Founded back in 2014, Hopfenreich was the first craft beer bar in Berlin. And it’s a spot where all your beer dreams can come true. The bar boasts more than 18 (craft) beers from Berlin and elsewhere – some of which are pretty offbeat – on tap on a rotating basis. Oh, and there’s another 10 kinds of bottled beers in the fridge. The interior is stripped back but welcoming and the owners are the organisers of the Berlin Craft Beer Fest.

  • Hopfenreich Sorauer Straße 31, Kreuzberg, details.

Queer Cool at Möbel Olfe 

Möbel Olfe is a queer cult classic in the district, opening its doors every Friday at 6pm. Photo: Imago/Emmanuele Contini

Tucked behind Kotti, this bar is not one that you can easily stumble across, but if you do, you’re in luck. Möbel Olfe stocks 20 different types of Polish vodka – if that’s too strong for you, stick to the tasty Polish beer (the Haus is some of the cheapest this side of Kotti). The Olfe opens its doors to the queer community every Friday from 6pm with a bustling bar, DJ sets and Flinta* nights on Tuesdays. It’s definitely not one to miss. 

  • Möbel Olfe Reichenberger Straße 177, Kreuzberg, details.

This article was adapted from the German version by Annabel Wood.