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  • ATIX: Anna Engelmann and rings that drip like molten lead


ATIX: Anna Engelmann and rings that drip like molten lead

ATIX founder Anna Engelmann never expected her liquid, flowy rings would get so big with "fancy Berghain people".

Photo: @atixjewellery

In December 2021, Anna Engelmann decided to make her mark with a new jewellery brand. Driven by an urge to create, she hand-carves chunky silver rings that flow and drip like molten lead. We talk to the up-and-coming designer about her brand ATIX, artistic inspirations and creating jewellery for the club scene by accident.

You’re a born-and-bred Berliner. Does that translate into your jewellery? 

I always think about what I personally like to wear. I wanted something liquidy, flowy

I guess the way I make art is quite Berlin: I don’t sit down and create according to a schedule. It’s like a sudden rush of emotions that I have to release, and only then I make art, or jewellery in this case. But my rings are also very popular with Berliners; people from the club and techno scenes – and especially the fancy Berghain people – love my rings (laughs). I never thought they’d be my target group, but here we are, so I guess in that way my jewellery is very Berlin, even though that wasn’t what I had in mind when I created ATIX. 

Do you identify with that scene? 

I don’t necessarily identify with the Berghain scene – I’m not a big clubbing person. But if they like my stuff, that’s cool! (laughs) I identify with people who love art and like to express themselves, and people from the club scene definitely fit into that category, so that’s fine by me. But I’d also love it if someone who works in a bank wore my rings. 

How did it all start? 

ATIX is a child of boredom! It started in December 2021. I was just at home on a Friday night and started experimenting with resin; not completely off-brand – I’ve always loved painting and drawing and being creative. The ring I tried to make didn’t really work out, and then a friend told me how his mum, a goldsmith, makes silver rings using negative moulds made from silicon. So I thought, okay, I’ll try that! I made rings for me and my boyfriend and posted about them on Instagram, and then people started messaging me and asking if they could buy them. I thought, fuck, yeah of course, why not! 

Your rings are very unique. How did you come up with the shape? 

I always think about what I personally like to wear. I wanted something liquidy, flowy, but I couldn’t find rings like that. Most of this chunky silver jewellery that’s available is very massive and sharp; I don’t like that. So I created something I loved, and other people did as well, so that was great.

How do you craft the rings? 

Every new model starts with hand-carving ring wax into a shape I like, which takes 5-6 hours. It’s just what feels right, it’s hard to describe. I don’t stop until I think it looks perfect. Every rounding, every bulge is there because I want it to. It looks totally random, but it’s really the opposite. 

What do you draw inspiration from? 

I like dark, eerie art, but I also draw a lot of inspiration from fashion and other jewellery designers. @zwyrtech on Instagram is an amazing example of surrealistic jewellery pieces – they create beautiful art out of everyday mundanities. I also really like the jewellery designer Elza White – she creates angelic works of art that radiate lightness. 

Does ATIX stand for something? 

Do you know when you just love a word and how it sounds? That’s what it’s like for me with ATIX – it doesn’t mean anything (laughs). I just like how it sounds and feels. It’s the same with creating the rings and giving them names, Onyx, Cyprine, Kyanite… it’s all about what feels right to me in that moment. 

You’re already selling in Berlin and Vienna. What’s next for you? 

I’d love to work with fashion designers and sell my rings in more shops across Berlin and the world. The Voo Store in Berlin would be a dream place to see my jewellery on sale!

DM to order on Instagram or shop at Homefullofclothes, Prenzlauer Berg. €120-130.