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  • As Seen At: Pinky Promise


As Seen At: Pinky Promise

We stopped by Pinky Promise at Club Ost for the extravagant ‘Underwater Fantasies’ party to see how guests and performers dolled up for an under-the-sea soirée. Given how much effort everyone puts into their costumes, it can be hard to tell the difference between the two.

Photos by Ana Torres

“I just didn’t want to catch Covid, so I have a really good Covid mask. I also can’t put ketamine up my nose either.” Matt (artist, Berlin). For Matt, wearing a full diving helmet meant that people couldn’t hear him talk, so he put a mic on the inside and a speaker on the outside. That’s dedication.

Lolita Va Voom

Erika Leadbeater

Tania G and Inga Salome (from left)

Amara and Thomas (from left)

“I started doing tooth gems in the summer as a side hustle and a different kind of body modification. It’s just giving people sparkles!” Stevie

Simon, Amber, and Ohla (from left)

Moritz: “We co-created the play space and used some of the elements of the space in our outfits. My idea is to be the pearl of the seas.” Nica and Moritz (from left)

“I just wanted to get juicy. I really believe in hydration for the masses.” Gutter Gucci

Clara and Manuel (from left)

“I’m the siren. I seduce men and kill them.” Sandra

Viviana Gulli

Priscilia VanB

Marat Videira

Interviews by Jonny Tiernan and Romina Lemm.