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  • As Seen At… Nowkölln Flowmarkt


As Seen At… Nowkölln Flowmarkt

We stopped by the Nowkölln Flowmarkt on the Maybachufer to see what looks people were rocking for a day of thrift shopping and street food.

What’s Berlin wearing? Each issue, we stop off somewhere in the city and take a look at how people are dressed. This time, we visited the Nowkölln Flowmarkt on a late summer’s afternoon. Photos by Makar Artemev.

“I always try to combine something soft and something rough, feminine and masculine.” – Linus Rüllmann, Product Design student, Marburg, @linusrue.

“I bought the fish shoes for shits and giggles, to wear at home. But they honestly give me so much joy that I also started wearing them outside.” – Hannah Klaus, Fashion Design student, Berlin, @extremfertig.

“I have Indian heritage. Earlier, I listened to Indian music earlier and also spoke to my granddad on the phone yesterday – that really inspired me.” – Nisha Virmani, experimental dancer/actress, Mainz, @ninorlish.

“We’ve been working together for 11 years, and we always choose outfits that are complementary.” – Celine Morris & Max Morris, artists (music and music manager), Berlin, @celinebymorris @maxbymorris

“I just found Berlin – this is my new home. I’m obsessed, I’m not leaving!” – Zion Shift, Music producer/DJ, neurodivergent coach, USA/Mexico, @zion.shift 

“My jacket is from Recycle or Die – that’s what I stand for.” – Nooa Kekoni, event producer, dancer, Helsinki/ Finland, @nooakekoni

“My style? I avoid black.” – Ivan Cicchetti, artist and curator, Madrid, @ivan_sette

“I love hand-me-downs and second-hand; it’s mostly what I wear.” – Niranjana Pradeep, Ecology Evolution and Nature Conservation student, Berlin, @nira_n_jana

“It’s Sunday today, and in Indian culture, Sunday is the day of the sun, so you need to wear something that reminds you of the sun. And that’s what I did!” – Neslihan Ozturk, Art Professor, Ankara/Turkey, @artbyneslihanozturk

“I’m looking to move to Berlin now, so if anyone knows some nice flats for single women, please call 0821 4865863.” – Gudrun Regenberg, fashion adviser, Augsburg

“My shirt is from a travelling cat band, and my shorts are boat shorts because I believe that when you wear shorts you should be able to get them wet.” – Chris Singleton, Austin/USA, Boat Captain