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As Seen At: African Food Festival

We stopped by the African Food Festival in Kreuzberg to check out the cuisine, music and wares from local and international African businesses (Photos by Makar Artemev).

“I made 31 cakes for today. That one [right] is a creamy cheesecake with grits and papaya. It’s supposed to look like an African palm.” Sameela Königsmann (business manager, Berlin)

“It takes me two hours to make one fan. I get the materials from Ghana, and I bring them back here.” Charity Schöbel (cleaner, Ghana)

“It’s ‘Gourmet Boerwors’, a traditional farmer’s sausage. It’s from South Africa.” Leona Halili (psychology student, Berlin)

“I’ve been making this food for six years. In Kreuzberg, we do Markthalle Neun every Thursday, but we’ve been here two years. It’s all kinds of people. I thought it would only be African people, but last year was crazy – more Germans than African. People come for music, for food, for everything.” Basel Hamshou (hospitality management and catering, Berlin)

“I’ve got some coleslaw, some beans with spices, then chicken. And this is pap, it’s a type of maize, it’s really delicious. We were in South Africa last year, it was delicious.” Elodie Raharijaona (IT, Berlin)

“We’re visiting from Paris. We saw the poster near our hostel and were like, that sounds good. I got Senegalese food, plantain and chicken wings.” Juan Simon (student, Chicago)

“It’s jollof rice and plantain, from Nigeria.” Ruby Martinez (student, New York)

Caro (right) and Calvin, coworkers at a PR Agency, Berlin.

“The story behind these baskets — they are wedding baskets, specifically on the West Coast. But now they are moving to Europe, and are used for everything. People use them for decor, storage, laundry baskets. People use the little ones for earrings, rings — everything.” Manado Kebbeh (owner of Jakarasi baskets, Gambia)

Alan Missala (founder of ZULA digital library, Berlin)

“I got jerk chicken with rice and plantain, because I liked chicken.” Kimberly Wangui (apprentice, Berlin)

Zita Dobrint (right), student, Frankfurt. “She’s visiting me, and we heard about this on the internet and thought, hey, let’s go” Anastasia Stricker (student, Frankfurt).

“I’m on holiday here with my boyfriend. I love fans. I got it for €10.” Ariana Aragoune (lawyer, Naples)

Lileth Harter (student, Berlin)

“I got this piece and a ring. And we managed to bargain it down.” Nyambu Ra (liberation worker, Berlin)

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  • African Food Festival, Luckenwalder Str. 6B, Kreuzberg, For more information on upcomming events, see their website.