About us

Exberliner is Berlin’s English-language magazine for culture, reportage and politics. We’re Germany’s largest publication in English.

Founded in 2002 by three journalists from the UK, Romania and France, Exberliner is a self-financed, totally independent publishing venture.

Since its first issue came out in June 2002, Exberliner has grown to become a reference for the international community with a monthly print magazinea popular websitebiweekly newsletters as well as Facebook and Twitter channels, regular events and parties, and a film award.

We believe in uncompromising ‘no bullshit’ first-hand journalism, i.e. face-to-face interviews, on-the-ground reporting and informed cultural criticism. We don’t publish PR pieces, ‘Google reporting’ or email interviews. We don’t write to please advertisers. The result? Informative pieces with a different/unique ring to them. Fresh angles, insightful articles and interviews you haven’t already read elsewhere a thousand times. Whenever possible we also support and publish original photography and illustration work.

Exberliner was named “one of the best expat magazines in Europe” by The Guardian. We’re the international voice of Berlin and write for all English speakers, native or not. About a  quarter fourth of our readership is German.