A L’ARME! Vol. X

Music needs to be experienced. It requires excitement, friction and confrontation. Especially now – it's time to show courage, cross boundaries and blaze new trails. 

A L’ARME! will once again bring a host of unwaveringly innovative artists to Berlin for a festival of uncompromising sound. Ten years of A L’ARME!—that means ten years of innovation through improvisation and collaboration, ten years of sound research through physical and acoustic immersion. 

The big anniversary edition, Vol. X, will take place from August 10 to 13 at Silent Green as well as Radialsystem and will be more diverse than ever before. Its program builds a bridge from metal to sound art and electronica all the way to jazz, spoken word, and installation art. 

Counting down the days until August 10, when the iconic artist, American poet and musician, Moor Mother will make her premiere appearance on the first day of the A L’ARME! Festival, presenting herbrand-new project “Jazz Codes” accompanied by an exciting ensemble! 

Moor Mother. Photo: Samantha Isasian Edit 1

The Norwegian band Shining, whose 2010 album “Blackjazz” helped inspire the creation of A L’ARME!, will return to perform their fierce avant garde metal.

A L’ARME! X’s energy fuels a new collaboration between two New Yorkers, composer Nick Dunston and artist Alex Schweder that culminates in the sound/light/mist installation “Static Arrival”, which will mark a threshold to pass through and into the evening’s experiences.

Furthermore, the trios of Claire Rousay/Macie Stewart/Ken Vandermark and Anja Lauvdal/Heida Johannesdottir/Maja S.K. Ratkje will both be performing in Berlin for the first time ever. After her acclaimed performance last year, bassist Farida Amadou will be returning with a new ensemble, while drummer Katharina Ernst will premiere her musical collective Ventil’s audio-visual show.

At A L’ARME! Vol. X, the polyphonic chorus of these and many other artists will once again create space for the unexpected, for renewed courage and for new ideas.

Tickets at: alarmefestival.de

Farida Amadou. Photo: Juliane Schütz