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BBQ dishes as trendsetters: More vegetables and colour with Tribelli peppers

It’s barbecue season! That means: get your grill out, grab your friends and enjoy delicious food in your own garden, in a public park, in the courtyard or on your balcony. To make your barbecue dishes even healthier and more colourful, we recommend Tribelli sweet peppers, a barbecue staple with a sweet aroma that belongs on every plate. You even have the chance to win a Weber grill.

Schmecken lecker süßlich und passen zu Fleischgerichten und anderem Gemüse: Die Tribelli-Paprikas. Foto: Mint
Tribelli sweet peppers taste deliciously sweet and go well with meat dishes and other vegetables. Photo: Tribelli

Peppers & co: Get more vegetables on the grill

According to a GFK report entitled “This is how Germany grills”, 56 percent of Germans grill at least once a month. And why? More than 70 percent of us find barbecuing relaxing. We want to join in!

Traditionally, meat has always been the main attraction at a summer BBQ. However, according to the Federal Information Centre for Agriculture (BZL), Germans are cutting back on meat consumption in favour of more fruit and vegetables out of concern for their health, for animal welfare and to protect the environment.

Did you know that in the past five years, German residents have reduced their meat consumption by an average of five kilos per capita? Nevertheless, with more than 55 kilos of meat consumption per person in 2021, Germans exceed the health recommendations set by the WHO.

Grilled vegetables guarantee a great variety of nutrients. Photo: Tribelli

For Justus Wilms, director and head chef of the Koch & Grillakademie Berlin, meat consumption at BBQs can be reduced by including vegetarian recipes in your grilling programme, thus also bringing colour and health to the BBQ.

“There are many vegetables that go perfectly with the smoky grill flavour. Asparagus, mushrooms, corn… and my latest discovery, the Tribelli sweet peppers,” explains Justus Wilms. “The roasted aroma of the vegetable proteins as well as the tenderness of the grilled dishes enhance the sweet flavours of the vegetables. For this reason, vegetables like Tribelli peppers, which are already characterised by their extraordinary natural sweetness, taste especially delicious from the grill,” Wilms adds.

The Tribelli sweet peppers come in yellow, orange and red and are available in mini and XL. They offer numerous possibilities for their use in grilling: “You can roast the Tribelli sweet peppers mini, use them as a side dish or combine them in a fun way on skewers. A good idea for the Tribelli XL is to cut them open lengthwise and fill them with cheese or other ingredients. They can also be used to make sauces or smoothies,” recommends the acclaimed chef, who also offers some advice on putting more vegetables on the grill:

  1. Look for vegetables with different colours. This will add joy to your grill and guarantee a great variety of nutrients.
  2. Choose vegetables with a sweet taste. The embers caramelise the surface, creating a real festival of flavours.
  3. Don’t forget the sauces and salads. They offer a great way to bring vegetables to your barbecues!
  4. Serve juices and smoothies with your barbecue recipes. This way you can refresh your guests with even more vitamins!
The Tribelli sweet peppers are also ideal for smoothies. Photo: Tribelli

Win a Weber Grill

Unfortunately The Tribelli Grill Party 2022 already happened this year, hosted by chef Justus Wilms at his Berlin headquarters on 19 May. But you can still benefit: part of the event is a raffle in which you can win a great Weber grill until July 3. To enter, all you have to do is go to www.tribellipromo.com.

Recipes for colourful grilling

Want to get in the mood with the sweet peppers? How about the coal-smoked Tribelli peppers with olive oil, garlic and Mediterranean herbs? Or, following chef Justus Wilms’ recipe, brisket beefsteak with alioli and roasted Tribelli sweet peppers? You can find these and many other recipes at www.tribelli.com.