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Shop till you pop

Artist and shop owner Yvette Mattern's The Storefront Collection offers young, hip would-be collectors a chance to take home art from the not-so-unknown players in the art world. Even if you can't afford anything, the shop is worth a look.

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Photo by Nitin Vadukul

Looking for a limited edition from Georg Polke, some snapshots taken by Blixa Bargeld, maybe a photographed portrait of Snoop Dogg?

If you’re a fan or want to start collecting (on a budget), the place to go is the Storefront Collection. This art outlet does not feature conventional exhibitions, following instead in the footsteps of New York City’s Storefront for Art and Architecture and Keith Haring’s Pop Shop of the 1980s and offering works from known artists for less than €1000.

If you don’t see something you like hanging in the front, just ask – there’s plenty more in the back. Moving away from a set program of artists allows room for suggestion and lots of conversation.

Artist and shop owner Yvette Mattern’s passion for the works she offers gives her a seemingly personal connection to each piece. The young collector should not only expect to go home with a unique, quality piece of artwork under his or her arm, but also a story behind it and a great experience at that.