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  • Project Space Festival 23: Highlights for a month of culture


Project Space Festival 23: Highlights for a month of culture

Throughout June, Project Space Festival is bringing performance art to some of Berlin's most unexpected locations. Here's some of what to expect this year.

Die Hände mit den Füßen fassen, at alpha nova & galerie futura. Dana Lorenz, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, 2023.

With the weather warming up, Project Space Festival 23 is the perfect opportunity to venture a little further afield and discover some of the more unconventional art spaces Berlin has to offer. From swimming pools to bedrooms, abandoned buildings and car dealerships, each project space has 24 hours to realise an event over the 30 days of June. 

The seventh instalment of the festival began at the Cultural Workers’ Studio, managed by cultural workers from Ukraine. If you’re kicking yourself for missing the TROPEZ project at the Humboldthain swimming pool or Onur Gökmen’s first solo exhibition, don’t sweat! There are still plenty more highlights, and we’ve rounded up five of our favourites below. 

alpha nova & galerie futura

Nestled between Club Der Visionaere and Badeschiff, alpha nova & galerie futura has been home to groundbreaking events and exhibitions since 1986. From its industrial architecture to its emancipatory and feminist curatorial perspective, alpha nova & galerie futura offers a glimpse into a disappearing part of Berlin’s art scene.

@wayraschuebel 🆒 #kunst 🧊 Im Juni geht‘s los mit dem Project Space Festival Berlin 🔆 Thema dieses Jahr: A Community of Spaces 🫧 bald gibt‘s dazu eine kleine feine Reihe Kurzinterviews, produziert mit LayLay Productions 🎥 heute mit Katharina Koch & Sylvia Sadzinski von alpha nova & galerie futura, die Kunst und #Feminismus ♬ Butter – 방탄소년단 (BTS)

As part of the Project Space Festival, East German artist Dana Lorenz explores how life and trauma leave their traces on the body. 

  • Fr. 09.06.2023 | 19:00 – 22:00 Uhr, Treptow.

Mehringplatz 20

There are alternative art spaces… and then there’s an exhibition in a bedroom. That’s the idea behind Mehringplatz 20, curated by Magdalena J. Härtelova (who also serves as its cleaner, host, and theoretician.)

The cosy location will open for its summer exhibition on the thirteenth of June. In White Hole: Mythical Celestial Body, artist Cassie Thornton asks, “What if white noise is leaking out of a theoretical white hole somewhere nearby our home, e-town (Earth)?” According to the artist, a white hole is “like the theoretical anus of a black hole.”

The opening will include a “White Noise choir performance, otherwise known as a panel discussion.” What better way to spend a Tuesday evening than with “smart people contemplating the vast and significant economic, environmental and temporal changes coming soon to our part of the universe?”.

  • Tues. 13.06.2023 | 18:00 – 21:00, Kreuzberg.

Project Space 17

On the sixteenth, WIRWIR Berlin will host Kosovo’s Project Space 17 for the latest instalment of their project METAMORPHOSIS. By reviving and revitalising abandoned buildings through site-specific artistic interventions, the project documents the collective memory of a past that rarely gets discussed. 

Stop by WIRWIR for a site-specific artistic intervention, public discussions, and documentary and find out how actions within the METAMORPHOSIS project helped rescue the Kino Rinia in Prishtina from privatization and redevelopment. 

  • Fri. 16.06.2023 | 17:00 – 21:00, Neukölln.


To experience the true comradery (and chaos!) of an artist-run initiative, head to Cittipunkt in Wedding. Its fluctuating membership often has differing ideas, agendas, beliefs, tastes, and approaches, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get stuff done. You can learn together at their monthly reading group or get through your paperwork at their monthly tax club. 

For PSF, they’ll be screening two stories about voluntary work, forced leisure, refusal, agency, contradictory actions, complacency, the relationship between (self-)liberation and (self-)functionalization and more.

  • Tues. 20.06.2023 | 18:00 – 22:00, Wedding.


Sunny Pfalzer, I know what to do, 2022/2023, Performance/Video, in collaborating with Lau Lukkarila and Slim Soledad, Music: Marshall Vincent, Zürich/Berlin. Photo: Joseph Kadow

Head north and keep your expectations high for SPOILER. To “spoil” might have a negative connotation, but this platform for actors from the independent art and culture scene intends “to not only anticipate the best but to show it.”

Since July 2019, Spoiler Aktionsraum has been hosting exhibitions and artistic interventions in a former car dealership in Moabit. That’s where they’ve invited a group of Austrian artists for Vienna Seduction. 

  • Thurs. 29.06.2023 | 19:00 – 24:00, Moabit.