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NFT Art Berlin

NFT Art Berlin: Digital art at Kraftwerk

Showing at Kraftwerk from April 6 to 23, NFT Art Berlin fuses art and technology with a great soundtrack

Photo: Bright Moments

For 10 days starting on April 6 the enormous halls of Kraftwerk, the former heating plant on Köpenicker Straße will be transformed into a semi-digital space where visitors can immerse themselves in the dynamic, exclusive world of NFT art. 

Running until April 23, “NFT Art Berlin” fuses an exhibition of crypto art with avant-garde electronic music performances. Each evening will see  “live minting” events in which new NFTs are unveiled and visitors get the chance to add them to their collections. Berlin is renowned for its vibrant art scene and dynamic start up world, which is why “Bright Moments”, the digital art agency behind the project, believe this is the perfect place to showcase the very best this new art form has to offer.

As well as a tour through the young history of NFT art, there is a curated selection of works from more than 40 contemporary digital artists, including US artist Tom Sachs and Latvian musician and performance artist Viktoria Modesta. 

Special tickets are available for the live-minting events, where Bright Moments will present a new edition of their Berlin collection. Here, 10 internationally recognised artists will each offer 100 unreleased NFTs to be minted, before being displayed in a gallery experience that blends elements of performance and exhibition. Guests can also purchase one of 1000 CryptoBerliners as a PFP (Profile Picture) – and become a member of the Bright Moments DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Or you can simply come and see the art and music for 15 EUR.

Brazilian artist Gabriel Massan creates cute extraterrestrial creatures. Photo: Gabriel Massan

This futuristic celebration of art and technology will be further augmented by performances from some of the city’s most forward thinking musical talents. Musical pioneers like Mark Reeder and Moritz von Oswald, the genre-bending Aasthma, Neon Chambers, Vivian Koch, Konx-om-Pax and the Ukrainian artist Poly Chain will be among those providing the soundtrack to this unique experience. 

It all gets started on April 6, when the LA-based, Grammy-nominated musician and artist Boreta brings his Ephemeros collection, dealing with machine dreams and techno-mysticism.

Kraftwerk Berlin Köpenicker Str. 70, Mitte, 6–9/13–17/20–23 April, 6 p.m.–1 a.m., from €15, tickets and program