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In the studio with: Anef, silkscreen artist

Leaving France for life among the dirty, squat-punk streets of Friedrichshain, Anef lives the Berlin dream.

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Photos by Janina Gallert

Where should we sit?

Sorry, it’s very dirty in here. We had a birthday party for someone last night. He’s still sleeping in the other room.

How long have you been here at Vétomat?

Since September 2010. So, like six months. In 2009, when I was doing an internship here in Berlin, I rented an atelier in Prenzlauer Berg with two other girls. But it wasn’t so busy. Here it’s really cool. We’re 15 people.

So do you all work together?

We organize things together. Someone organizes the parties, and I make the posters and flyers for example. All the people of the collective cook something each week. We have brunches and concerts and meals here. It’s how we pay the rent.

Do you live here?

No, I live in Lichtenberg in a normal flat with four people.

Why did you come to Berlin?

I fell in love with the city during my internship. I went back to France to do my diploma. Then when I had the chance, I came back.

What do you love about it?

Everything. The dirt of the streets. The parties. The people. The politics. The squats. This you cannot find so easily in France. The alternative leftist scene is so strong here.

Your work is political.

Not when it is for a band. But yes, there is a political message: we love our Kiez. I am here to fight for it. I don’t want it to disappear.

When do you work best?

At night, if I’m not going out. I’m not for the mornings.

Where do you go out?

Here! In the area I can always find a drink, some cool people and have a party. Theaterkapelle is tonight – I did a flyer for it.

How much do you print in a week?

Last week was crazy. I was either printing or partying. Total nerd life.

Where can people see your art?

Here in the street, or Pony Pedro, Neurotitan, Kaufhaus der Berliner here in Boxi. I need to get it out more. It’s also in (Salon zur Wilden) Renate, some zines at least, but they don’t sell there, because that’s not what people go there to buy. I don’t make comics.

What attracted you to silkscreen printing?

You can print as much as you want, as fast as you want. You can print until you die.

Do you always listen to music when you work?

This winter I had to work without music, because I didn’t know how to make the sound system work. But now that drama is fixed.

What kind of music?

Punk rock. No. Punkcomma- rock. And I’m into klezmer.

Do you remember your first print?

Yes. It wasn’t so cool. I wanted to try silkscreen. So I tried something too complicated for a beginner, and the teacher was like, “Why do you want to do this?” He used to make people cry all the time. The guy was really shitty. I didn’t go back.

Will you print tonight?

Tonight we’ll throw another party.