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Keep A Breast immortalises your breasts in plaster and turns them into art in the name of breast cancer awareness. Boys, don't be shy! You're invited too.

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Photo by Ana Garcia De La Blanca

You love your breasts, right? So why not do them the biggest honour of all by having them immortalised in plaster and turned into art, all the while helping to fight against breast cancer?

The non-profit organisation Keep A Breast (KAB) has made just that possible. Through art exhibitions, educational programs and fundraising, KAB exposes young people to methods of prevention, early detection and support. And it’s easy to get involved: casting parties are organised by KAB’s international curator Yasha Schulz Young in her Friedrichshain gallery, Strychnin. Private individuals castings, which are done in a separate room, take around 20 minutes. After casting your breasts, KAB pairs you up with an artist, who will then turn your breasts into a work of art.

Intricately detailed or with bold splashes of patterns and colours, themed or abstract, the designs for the casts by acclaimed artists are fun, thought-provoking and always unique. The casts are then auctioned or sold off, with the proceeds going back into KAB projects.

Casting parties are either announced online or you can organise your own. And boys, don’t be shy – you’re warmly welcomed too! The next KAB exhibition, which includes 15 Berlin-made casts, will take place in Japan and includes artists from XOXO to Hush to Mantis to Paul Insect.

KAB also has a variety of educational programs designed to act as a network for young people. The newest campaign, dubbed the Non-Toxic Revolution and concerned with the dangers of toxic chemicals in our environment and food supply, will launch in Berlin in July with renowned graphic designer Shepard Fairey.