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Fotografiska: Art after hours

In Fotografiska, Berlin has a new late-night art space and, judging by its opening exhibitions, it looks ready to embrace big issues.

If you want to hit up a gig or a club you’re spoiled for choice in Berlin, but if you want to experience some late night art and culture, your options are very thin on the ground.

Most large cultural institutions shut their doors at 6pm, leaving the weekend as the only exhibition-exploring window of opportunity for most people. Fotografiska is here to change that. The new multi-level exhibition and hospitality space will be open until 11pm, even on weekdays, giving you the chance to visit the photographic gallery after work.

Its location in Tacheles, the former Jewish department store on Oranienburgerstraße that became home to 100 artists after the fall of the wall, means that Fotografiska may be subject to a greater level of scrutiny than it could otherwise expect.

Time will tell how the new institution is received by Berliners, but the opening exhibitions – Candice Breitz’s Whiteface on the fictions of white supremacy, and artist, writer and DJ Juliana Huxtable’s fantastical USSYPHILIA – show a readiness to embrace big issues and Berlin-based artists, which will undoubtedly help its cause.