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Every Friend of My Friend is My Friend

Curator Norma Mangione allowed the artists in the lengthily titled exhibition to play dream date with one another by selecting one of the other participating artists' works to go with their own. See how they coupled at Chert through Apr 13.

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Already well known in the city of Turin, curator Norma Mangione worked with Chiara Figone at the Italian art magazine Uovo, going on to start her own gallery in Italy. At her young age she is quite accomplished, and although her name might not be so famous in Berlin, she is no stranger here, already having participated in such events as Artforum, Sunday and ABC.

With Every Friend of My Friend is My Friend (Part 2), Mangione’s skills as a curator re-emerge, giving the show a memorable quality (and perhaps helping the visitors to remember the artists’ names).

A prerequisite of the project was that each of the five artists owned at least one work of another artist in the show, selecting one piece from their ‘collection’ to be in a dialogue with their own works.

In pairings of works by Francesco Barocco and Carol Rama, Michael Bauer and Horst Ademeit, and Raphael Danke and Karin Székessy – among others – the relationships are clearly visible, revealing a certain influence resulting from a reciprocal affinity.