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Eliza Douglas: Old Tissues Filled with Tears

The American model, actress and (first and foremost) artists's exhibition at Schinkel Klause has wide ranging appeal with its references of everything from Cookie Monster to expressionist strokes. Through Jan 21.

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Photo by Andrea Rossetti

Eliza Douglas might be recognised most from her performances in her fiancée Anne Imhof’s award-winning works (including Faust, the winner of the prestigious Golden Lion at last year’s Venice Biennale), or from the catwalk modelling for Balenciaga, but she is also a painter garnering increasing attention for her own work. Hot off a recent dual exhibition with Imhof at Galerie Buchholz in New York, Douglas’ first solo exhibition in Berlin fills Schinkel Pavillon’s Klause space wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling with large scale canvases, each representing a disembodied figure with delicately rendered hands, feet, and, in one case, a can of Monster energy drink. The references vary from Cookie Monster to gaudy abstract expressionist brush strokes, but the uncanny combinations executed with impeccable craft give the paintings wide ranging appeal – not to mention a delightful play between presence and absence in every performance.

Old Tissues Filled with Tears, (Schinkel Klause), Through January 21