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Art insanity! The ultimate guide to Gallery Weekend

With over 300 different exhibitions, talks and parties Gallery Weekend (Apr 24-28) might seem daunting. Lucky for you, Exberliner’s art editor brings you her picks of what not to miss from both the big names and newcomers to the Berlin art scene.

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Officially, the fast-approaching Gallery Weekend Berlin begins on April 26 and includes 50 openings over three days… but unofficial exhibitions, talks and parties bring your total options to over 300! With so much going on, it’s absolutely daunting. Exberliner art insider and editor Fridey Mickel combed through hundreds of invitations and selected her favorites, keeping mind a good balance of high-brow and newcomers of the Berlin art scene. Here’s what not to miss!

Wednesday, April 24:

20:30 The weekend begins on Wednesday, kicking off with a special presentation of Robert Montgomery’s light Installation The City is Wilder Than You Think at KaterHolzig. The message behind it sets a tone for the weekend, not to mention the chance to see one of his large-scale pieces live whets the palette for whats to come.

Thursday, April 25:

18-21:00 Bo Christian Larsson, a hole in the empire at TS art projects

After a good number of solo exhibitions in major museums in other world cities (and a ‘Foerderkoje’ at ArtCologne last weekend), Larsson finally scores himself a solo show in Berlin. His mixture of drawing and objects, touching on a dark oeuvre, sets the bar for young art in Germany’s capital city.

18-21:00 Hennig Claes, Carnival at Wendt + Friedmann Galerie

Henning Claes is simply a magnificent artist. His lucidly-coloured paintings minimalise the forms of human portaraiture, putting you in a very good mood for the evening.

18-21:00 Secundino Hernández at Salon Dahlmann

Another first-time solo exhibition for an emerging artist. The backdrop of Salon Dahlmann’s exquisite salon atmosphere acts like the Valhalla where art comes to be cherished.

18-22:00 Katja Strunz at Berlinische Galerie

Stunz’s minimalistic objects in her current composition for the Vattenfall Contemporary art prize continue her exploration of folding and collapsing time and space within the halls of the Berlinische Galerie. Seldom seen in Berlin, it’s a great opportunity to experience her work firsthand.

18-21:00 Spectra Vision at Hidari Zingaro Berlin

Did you know that the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami has his own gallery in Berlin? I think the ingredients from this show (curated by German artist Anselm Reyle using artwork from his students), give an honest, on-the-ground energy to the atmosphere of two art world megastars. I’m curious.

19:00 Loft at LAGE EGAL

Three French conceptual artists position themselves against the work of a German. A special highlight are the works of Jofoi Amaral, who uses ready-made objects making musical harmony from his artist positions.

20:00 BITS OF PIECES at Senatreservspeicher (SRS) Galerie

To be honest, what attracts me to this group show is the work of Israeli artist Amir Fattal. You have to be there to really see it.

20:00 David Medalla at Another Vacant Space

David Medalla has been making art for over 60 years. He is a master of kinetic art, and as an art professor has played a major affect on the Berlin art scene, influencing artists such as Sebastian Schlicher and Adam Nankervis.

20:00 Kommunikation | Communication at DISTRICT

The young and emerging curator Susanna Husse explores current ideas in sound and performance art by examining sketches from musical scientists Jana Sotzko and Theresa Stroetges.

Friday, April 26

14-21:00 I Amsterdam You Berlin at St. Johannes Evangelical Church

Although there are plenty of Dutch artists here in the Berlin art scene, little attention is given to the influence of German art on the Dutch and vice versa. This project explores just that. A great example of this is the exhibiting German artist Carina Linge, whose photographic works have been hugely influenced by Dutch still-life painting. For Gallery Weekend only!

18:00 Grand opening of BC Gallery

The grand opening of a gallery collaboration between street art afficionado Nick Bargezi and Seth Carmichael. The featured artists are the crème de la crème of the Los Angeles street art scene. I definitely won’t miss this!

18-21:00 Dismantling at Jarmuschek+Partner, Halle am Wasser

The artists of the gallery will show painting, installation and photography for the last time in the rooms at the Halle am Wasser. After this, Halle am Wasser will be torn down, so here’s you last chance!

18-21:00 Jong Oh at Galerie Jochen Hempel

In his site-specific installations, Korean artist Jong Oh somehow manages to create a magical energy, though he is simply working with mundane, found materials such as twigs and sticks. Furthermore, the space, located in the ‘gallery house’ of Lindenstrasse 35, has a very magical energy of its own, making you feel warm and welcome (it’s also a good place to re-charge your mental battery during all the art madness).

18-21:00 Joseph Kosuth + Vincenzo Agnetti, One + One at Paolo Erbetta Gallery

Joseph Kosuth was my first connection whatsoever to conceptual art. I look forward to this exhibition, which will most likely use self-reference to explore the nature of art rather than producing what is traditionally called ‘art’.

18-21:00 Corinne von Lebusa, Halt mich, oder halt, nicht at Jette Rudolph

The former student of Neo Rauch uses watercolour and gouache on paper to create very dream-like image sequences of elegantly beautiful, yet absurd situations. The mostly small-format works work kind of like bizarre and funny dreams about one’s one and only true love. She will also be showing objects.

18-21:00 Julian Charrière at Dittrich und Schlechtriem

Solo exhibition from Berlin-based artist and former student of Olafur Eliasson. A rare chance to catch his work in a small gallery.

18-21:00 Isa Genzken at Neugerriemschneider

Genzken will show the works she created for the Muenster Sculpture Project in 2007. I’m into this show because of Genzken and because of the Muenster Sculpture Project, which has showcased many great artists – for instance Douglas Gordon

18-21:00 Billy Childish All apparent achievements and misdemeanours are non defining at temporary exhibition space: (neugerriemschneider), Münzstraße 23

UK garage rocker Billy Childish’s second solo exposition with the gallery adds to the balance of painting and conceptual art. The paintings that will be on view were created during his residency at the Historic Dockyard in Chatham. The temporary exhibition space, in the rooms of an old flat, accents the paintings selected for the show.

18-21:00 BILDFROST (frozenness) at Hengesbach Galerie

I recently fell in love with this space, which makes great strides to connect art and artists to the public. It’s just around the corner from the Galerie House (Lindenstr. 35), so don’t hesitate to run over and check that out!

19:00 Kerstin Honeit, Joint Property at Galerie cubus-m

The three works presented in this exhibition address the process of gentrification in Berlin, which is an interesting theme for gallery weekend.


ATAK has achieved pop status as a comic book artist. He is a cofounder of the comic group and magazine Renate. Gallery weekend only!

Saturday, April 27

After two intense days of openings, take Saturday daytime to visit some of the galleries and spaces you missed on Thursday and Friday. Afterwards, we suggest an afternoon nap and a good dinner… and then you’ll be ready to come party with Exberliner at our special GALLERY WEEKEND PARTY collaboration with P.O.P. Club and Berlin curator Hansa Wißkirchen!

10-21:00 Von Beckmann zu Warhol: The Bayer Collection at Martin-Gropius-Bau

For the first time in 150 years, the Bayer Collection has been put on exhibition for the public. The show presents young, unknown, emerging artists alongside superstars like Andy Warhol.

11-18:00 The Storefront Collection

This new art shop is the endeavor of Berlin/New York artist Yvette Mattern. The concept is to offer special editions and smaller-scale works from well-known artists for the budget of the young collector.

11-18:00 Conceptual Tendencies 1960s to Today II (body, space, volume) at Daimler Contemporary

The Daimler Collection bears a special focus on conceptual art. On Saturdays between 1-6pm, curatorial students from the Free University of Berlin give brief tours and are on hand for open discussion with visitors about the exhibitions.

17:00 Collectors’ talk with Thomas Olbricht und Jonas Burgert (moderated by Jan Kage) at me Collectors Room

Thomas Olbricht, founder of me Collectors Room, has followed the work of Berlin artist Jonas Burgert since the inception of his career. The talk focusses on their friendship as collector and artist, on the magnificent paintings of Burgert, and even includes a few insider stories. In German!

8-24:00 ALL COIFFEURS ARE BRUSHMAKERS at Kreuzberg Pavillon

Kreuzberg Pavillon, with its ‘one-night-show per week’ philosophy, has built itself up to be an important player in the Berlin art game. This weekend, they offer a special dose, bringing in works from (among others) Düsseldorf artist Shila Khatami.

10:00 The Gallery Weekend Party at P.O.P. Club

Exberliner and Party Obsessed People present the only Gallery Weekend afterparty worth attending, featuring the special exhibition Salon Hansa, Part II: Schwebendes Verfahren curated by up-and-coming Berlin art superstar Hansa Wißkirchen. 

Sunday, April 28

11-18:00 Exberliner Hangover Reception at The Storefront Collection

Come check out this new shop for collectors and have a chat with Exberliner’s new art editor (me!) Well-behaved children also welcome.

11-18:00 Michel Majerus, Beautiful Way at Michel Majerus Estate

Knaackstr. 12, 10405 Berlin

Two years ago, the former studio of renowned and deceased artist Michel Majerus became home to his estate of works. The space has been re-designed to accommodate the late artist’s archive. This is a very special chance to see into the life of this great guy, who met his death in a plane crash in 2002. Gallery weekend only!

11-18:00 Christoph Rueckhaberle, Dekoration at Galerie Christian Ehrentraut

This show is amazing, and the gallery is perfect for Sundays. Calm, friendly, bright  colours and a space full of light.

16:00 Momentum Worldwide panel discussion: “How to Collect and Show Video Art” at Collegium Hungaricum Berlin

Artist/curator/writer Thomas Eller moderates a panel of art heavyweights including Akademie der Künste director Wulf Herzogenrath, artist and professor Candice Breitz and Videoart at Midnight collector Ivo Wessel.